Age 20 – Erections improving, more positive and outgoing, feeling happy with life


I read this quote today on a your brain on porn forum and it really spoke to me, having that instant gratification is not worth it in the long run. Stick to your streaks and you will reap the full benifits of your patients, I am almost to 30 days and i am already feeling the changes taking place.

Positive changes im noticing:

1. Morning wood almost every day now

2. Stronger erections when i do get morning wood or a random erection.

3. Semi and full erections just from cuddling or hugging my girlfriend (this never happened before nofap)

4. More positive and out going

5. More energy

6. More motivation to do things.

7. No more depression.

8. Way more confident

9. Overall just feel happy with life.

Never had panic attacks, i wouldn’t really say i had anxiety but there were times i would avoid social settings becuase i didnt want to talk to new people or anything but now i make it a goal to talk to someone new every day

I am 20 years old, i started nofap about 2 months ago, quitting porn was easy i was able to stop watching as soon as i started, but quitting masterbation was tough, it took me about another month until i was able to quit the masturbation for good, i started nofap for the same reason as a lot of people, i started because i was unable to have sex, could never get hard with a real girl and i had no idea what was wrong with me until i found YBOP and than it all made sense to me so i immediately started nofap

Dont relapse man it’s never worth it, the flatline i experienced from about week 2-4 really helped me out becuase all urges to fap and what not were gone i just didnt care for it anymore, after the flatline you have to be careful because urges will come back but the flatline teaches you how to deal with them and say no because youre so use to it by that point, at this point i still get some urges but i am able to quickly dismiss them now with no worries, stay strong man and you will see the amazing benifits!

I have been on hard mode, but i have been waiting to have sex with my girlfriend until i think things will be ready but with the progress iv noticed i feel 1 or 2 more weeks and ill be good to go, in my opinion i feel like not having sex during nofap if you hace a girlfriend is a little counter productive, the reason i believe this is becuase for most of us especially me we are doing this becuase in the past we could not get hard and could not have sex with a real girl because of our porn wired brains, so i believe stopping porn and masterbation but still doing things with a real life girl with help rewire your brain faster. I still believe not having sex will still help you for sure but i strongly believe having a partner to do things with will help you recover faster

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By AmnesiaDc