Age 20 – far more enjoyment out of the fundamentals in life

I have to admit, I was sceptical when I first came across NoFap and started reading about PMO addiction, and everything that us No Fappers stand by, I guess.

But I bought in to the idea, it seemed perfectly logical and only beneficial.

I’ve been around for just under a year, and my longest streak was around the 65 day mark. I’ve had runs of mid-teens, early twenties. But more often than not it has been a case of going for a few days and relapsing.

Today I noticed that I was getting far more enjoyment out of the fundamentals in life; relationships, friendships, family and most importantly, I’ve become more self aware.

I haven’t solely used NoFap as a motivational force. I’ve recently gained an interest in meditation, spirituality, mindfulness, and many other enlightening stimuli, but undoubtedly NoFap, and its contributors have helped greatly. Placebo or otherwise, I’m thankful.

Ultimately, my point here is that even if my ‘evolution’ isn’t wholly due to NoFap. It has, as I said, surely, helped me greatly. And genuinely, I am thankful to all who contribute to the notion of NoFap.

Fapping keeps your dreams, ambition, and the overall confidence in your own self, down. It is a constrictive force that is stymieing the success; that is there for the taking. It’s yours, if you want it. You want it right?

Don’t do it to yourself. I can empathise that it’s a damn hard burden to shake off. Just like every cigarette, just like every compulsive behaviour, when you reflect, you self loathe. Perhaps, you hate yourself. You realise you don’t want to be that person. You don’t want to smoke that cigarette, you don’t want to react to the burning desire to do something. Say No! It’s a fight, but it’s worth fighting, if you want to become ‘greater’.

Love yourself, be better tomorrow than you were today. Follow your dreams. Become the person YOU want to be. Or, as the saying goes, you will have to spend a long time, forced, to be the person you don’t.

Fill your life with what pleasures you, not just in the short term. Think about future you! Learn to understand what pleasures others. Love life, not a false representation of love, passion, pleasure. Live life, don’t live through addiction. Overcome the damaging behaviours. I believe we all have the capacity to do so.

Good luck 🙂


I probably started watching porn and fapping at about 11/12. So about ten years of PMO pretty much daily.

LINK – Fap on Life