Age 20 – First orgasm with a real girl, feels amazing!


After months of abstaining and relapsing and eventually swearing off porn for almost a month, and on top of that battling death grip.. I can happily say I had my first orgasm with a real girl! And it feels amazing.. It feels so good when you have that connection with someone, and more so if she understands you.

I told her that I quit porn and because of the years of manual torment on my d*ck it isn’t as sensitive as “normal”, but it is getting better. Getting and remaining hard are a walk in the park for me, but cumming is a whole other story. She understood it, and almost religiously began to pleasure me with her hands and mouth, and it paid off! I was amazed when it happened, and felt relief. No more screens, tissues and anxiety for me.

I’m 20 years old, and the other benefits are that people compliment me more, saying I look more energetic. The other thing that struck my eye was that I got more drive to accomplish something 🙂

Guys, do me a favor and experience this as well, this is so much better than the filth on our screens. Girls with beautiful eyes and souls are waiting -you just have to approach them-!

LINK – First orgasm with a real girl, feels amazing!

By Neumarker