Age 20 – For the first time I’m motivated to live life and enjoy it


All right, I’ve been messing with No Fap for about a year now. Lately, I’ve been able to pull streaks of 20 days and currently, 6 together. Here’s what I’ve noticed

(Also, I’m 20 and male – doing community college currently)

  1. My friends and I get along better, and it seems like my opinion is relevant these days (for once)
  2. I can grow facial hair quicker, and it’s denser and darker – color
  3. Found the college I wanna go to next Fall
  4. Prepared to do well next semester in class and not miss any days
  5. My family respects me now; likely because I have found a newfound respect for them
  6. More patient, be that driving or in conversations. I don’t seem to wanna rush things NEARLY like before
  7. I can look girls in the eyes, and if I find them attractive, it’s hard not to. Cool sense of connection that I didn’t have Fapping and watching porn all day like I was doing in the past
  8.  More optimistic and willing to try things out

I know this NoFap thing won’t make me a God or have me walking on water, but for the first time, I’m motivated to live life and enjoy it. I can actually feel myself shifting from a pessimistic view to a more positive one overall.

Keep Going Strong fellow Men

LINK – My NoFap Benefits

by acal1995