Age 20 – From contemplating suicide to performing with the dance team


I’m a 20m on my first try on nofap, 6 months ago I contemplated suicide and cared only about getting a girlfriend like that would solve all my problems. After stopping pmo I was so glad to be alive, with all the energy I started lifiting weights 4 times a week + eating like a horse, I was a meek skinny guy and in 4 months I gained 8kg of muscle.

My third year of university started and with my idgaf attitude plus new confidence I joined the dance team(never danced in my life). In 4 weeks I will be performing in a dance show infront of a audience, god help me. The dance team is 90% girls but I genuinely only care about becoming an awesome street/hip hop dancer, 6 months ago I would only see girls as a sexual object and nothing else. Going to the club is now alot of fun where my only aim is to work on my dance moves. Like I dont even mind going club alone now.

Emotionally I’m so much more in control, way more calm and relaxed, i often find posts about “superpowers” but to me just enjoying life a little bit more is the best thing ever.

Now I have alot of things to work on and I believe nofap made me realize this. For example I need to learn how to flirt and make interesting conversations. Anyway I’m so done with porn and masterbation where I dont even remember how it feels like

Nofap really gives energy and motivation, those 2 things allow us to accomplish almost anything. Feel like I’m becoming a man where if someone is showing aggression towards me I can stay cool, the control of emotions is definitely a benefit.

The urges were heavy at one point but it does get easier so dont give in.

Sometimes I wonder how many people spend their whole lives thinking its normal to be so anxious and un motivated. Our dopamine is really one of the keys to just being happy.

I still feel sad at times but it feels like a special sadness that only means I would feel alot happier later. Meditation is so damn important for nofap.

I so wish I havent wasted so many years of my life pmoing and playing video games. We reap what we plant. If you replace pmo with a hobby then you are bound to be great at it in time. It takes 10,000 hours to master anything, pmo completely steals the perseverance to keep putting in the work.

I stopped around 3 months ago, dont even miss video games at this point. There is so many other things to do in life other than pressing buttons and accomplishing completely meaningless objectives.

On the other hand we place meaning in the things we achieve, so if video games mean the world to someone then I’m not the one who decides if its meaningless.

LINK – My 6 months journey (total life changer)

By CasualTrip