Age 20 – From socially anxious and sad to happiness, losing my virginity and new GF


I’ve been meaning to come back here for a while, not only to thank some of the amazing people on here, but also to offer help here to prove to myself that I’m not taking my progress and achievements for granted. I will start at the end, because my post is going to be too long for most people and I know the results are what most people care about. I am currently at about 75 days I think (although I have stopped counting), and I have never been happier in my life.

On day 42 of my current streak I lost my virginity to one girl, and a couple of weeks after that I met another girl who has eventually become my girlfriend. If you had told me this was going to happen 5 months ago, I wouldn’t have believed you. But the thing is these events aren’t even the reason I am happy, I believe these events are a bi-product of my own happiness. 5 months ago I would have done absolutely anything just to have sex with a girl and losing my virginity was the only reason I originally joined NoFap. Don’t get me wrong I am still over the moon this has all happened but the thing is by day 42 I was already running at basically maximum happiness, I didn’t need anything to change. By this point I had realised NoFap is about way more than pulling girls, it’s about freeing yourself from a toxic addiction, self improvement, and becoming truly happy.

So here’s my story:

I discovered NoFap probably 3/4 months ago, and at the time I was underweight, underconfident, socially anxious, and most of all I was sad. I had happy moments and enjoyed lots of my life but when I was alone and really got thinking, I was deeply depressed, and generally unsatisfied with my life.

When I first found NoFap I read a post about a guy becoming confident and losing his virginity after 40 days and I thought fuck it anything is worth a shot. Losing my virginity was probably the thing I thought about the most, I cared so much and it plagued me every time I thought about it.

First streak was 7 days and I felt all the “superpowers” but obviously eventually fucked it up. But that was enough, I’d had a taste of what I could feel like and I was addicted. Thus, the transition from an addiction to PMO to an addiction to self improvement began.

It was difficult at first as the PMO was the heavier of the two conflicting addictions. After every long streak I’d have a binge and a couple of 1/2 day streaks, so I wasted a lot of my progress.

But every day I would come on this forum, I could honestly never have done it without you guys. I know exactly where I would be without this forum, and it’s exactly where I was before, unhappy, unmotivated, etc. Every day I came here and filled my head with as much negative information about PMO, as much motivation and inspiration, as many benefits of NoFap as I possibly could, and that was what kept me going.

I started going to the gym 5 days a week and keeping a strict diet around the beginning of my journey, I’m so glad I did this because it really helped to let out the excess energy on streaks and I wouldn’t lose any progress just because of a relapse. After a couple months I was really starting to see gains and people were really starting to notice and make comments. This really added to my confidence and helped me with NoFap.

All this time my streaks were getting longer and longer and although I’d have relapses and lose some progress, it was all part of the journey and I was building myself all along the way.

Fast forward to about 30 days into my current “streak”, it was the first time I’d ever reached this long and I felt great. By this point I had some serious fucking gains to the point that I’d spend like 5 minutes in the mirror like “damn boy you buff af”, basically I was really confident about myself physically, added to this I had a lot of confidence from NoFap anyway so I generally had a confident vibe to myself.

I’d sorted out my diet and stopped smoking weed every single night and this made me feel so much sharper and clear headed, along with the clear headedness NoFap brings you already I felt great.

For the first time in as long as I could remember, I was just happy. Without needing anything else, I was just so overwhelmingly content with the way things were. It was bliss, and it was then that NoFap was no longer a challenge but my lifestyle. Suddenly I had no reason to go back and it just became easy.

I started to feel the urges not as a need to wank but as horniness that, because I had no girlfriend or whatever, I just had to live with. And that was fine. I kind of enjoyed it, I almost wanted it to be harder (no pun intended) because I’d learnt that the more difficult the battle the more rewarding the benefits. NoFap had taught me the beauty of hard graft. Something I knew nothing about before NoFap.

Day 42 was something else though, I was just too horny and I had to do something about it, PMO wasn’t an option in my mind so I text a girl I’d been chatting up and asked if she wanted to hang, she said yes and I went round. I was still nervous deep down but proper sex drive is a force unlike anything else, it gets to a point where you’re too horny to be nervous and your brain just goes fuck it gotta make a move. So I did, and we fucked. A bunch of times. I left feeling even more confident, absolutely glowing. And although losing my virginity was something I didn’t care about at that point, I was more longing for a proper relationship, I was still really chuffed because I knew how much the old me used to care about it, and it amazed me how the new me had done it without really even thinking like it was $5 an impulse purchase on amazon. I found it amazing that as soon as I no longer cared, it was suddenly so easy.

I had no interest in pursuing that girl as she was pretty boring so I let her drift away, and a couple of weeks later met a girl who I instantly clicked with. We went on a bunch of dates that went so smoothly without any effort. It was what I’d dreamed of before NoFap, but had seemed so out of grasp and unrealistic. We are now together and I could not be happier, I literally feel like smiling wherever I go or whatever I do, life is perfect. This last few weeks I’d forgotten porn even existed.

I can thank nothing but NoFap, and the people on this forum who have helped me along the way. People I will never meet, from all over the world, who have chosen to give me advice along the way, out of the kindness of their hearts. Now that I have crossed the bridge and I am on the other side I want to repay this community, so please, if anyone needs any help, any advice, have any questions please just comment or PM me, I want to help it is the least I can do!

I know this is long but believe me I could easily write a thousand more words about NoFap. Changed the direction of my life forever and I cannot praise it enough.

I’m 20 years old.

LINK – I’ve come back to say thank you. Here is my story of the last 4/5 months, my current 75 day streak and losing my virginity.

By TSLP1945