Age 20 – From weird fetishes to breathing new, fresh air


I couldn’t believe it when i saw it, but i managed to last 5 months so far without faping and i hope i never fap again. I thought id share my experience with not faping which someone might find interesting. So basically, i’ve started faping at a really young age, and that was the beginning of events that messed me up almost beyond repair.

I started doing it like once or twice per week to 5 times and more, sometimes three times a day, it became extremely aggressive and i was completely blind to the changes it made within me, physically and and mentally. I always found myself thinking about porn, only looking at ass and tits of women each time i saw one, and worst of all is that you progressively get sick of normal porn and it led to lots of messed up fetishes.. I couldn’t believe at what i was watching, i had succumbed to watching shit that i previously thought was sickening.

Then i started talking with a friend that told me how not wanking will fix so many aspects in my life, at first i thought i was funny, then i started wondering myself.. So i said heck, why not try this out, i lasted for about 3 days lol, then i tried again, and again, and again, they all ended in failure.

Then one day, 23 of july to be exact, which was the last time i faped, i just got this huge, lets call it, will boost and i couldn’t bring myself to faping, it was the weirdest thing ever, i just never wanted to fap again. However after the 23rd the first two to three weeks were hellish, i would usually watch porn fap for around 20 minutes and done, but since i didn’t want to fap ever again, i could just watch it, and i spent 1 to 2 hours watching porn. That was the best thing i could have done, after those few hours i spent watching, i felt so disgusted that i hadn’t watched it for the next 2 months, needless to say i felt amazing.

And now after 5 months i do still have wishes to watch that shit, it never really leaves, or it may be that enough time hasn’t passed yet, i don’t know, in any case it felt like breathing new, fresh air. I don’t look at women as ive looked at them before, i can have a normal conversation without thinking with my dick, i cant get horny easily, no more porn, just freedom.

As for the benefits, well the one i mentioned earlier i think is the best one, then you have a desire to get out of the house and do shit, hang out with people, you have more energy and so on so on, there’s a ton of stuff online explaining the benefits and they do not lie, its amazing. So yeah, thanks for reading, i just felt like sharing this with all the people that have overcome this black hole and to people still struggling to get out of it.

Also, this might help, if you’re feeling like youre gonna explode if you don’t do it, just listen to some music, or play some video games or walk around the house, really do anything besides thinking about it, it works like a charm, the feeling just goes away without you noticing 😀 . You can do it, you can stop doing this shit, you are the best, just keep struggling and eventually the struggle will pay off 😉 .

Last time faped, 23rd of july and still ongoing to this date which is currently 12/26/2016.

I’m 20 years old, i would count thinking less of porn and sex as my biggest benefit, i don’t feel as horny as i did before and its really good. Also you learn to redirect that energy  you get when you feel like you wanna smack it, and just do other shit, anything really, run, go out, its like an energy drug or something (don’t know what else to call it :P).

What made me quit is that i was completely disgusted with myself after seeing what the fuck i was watching and how aggressive my thoughts were, it felt like my mind was in a  cage, and it sort of was..

Tastes have changed indeed, from “weird fetishes” to normal hahahha, however your fetishes never really leave you immediately, i still have a wish to watch them but its like 5  times weaker than before, so i stay out of it easily, unless i REALLY feel like im gonna explode.

LINK – My story, 5 months, feeling amazing !!!

By SnippingAddict