Age 20 – Happier, Greater motivation, Social anxiety almost gone, Enjoying conversations, Depression – What’s that?


I did it! 🙂 What have happened since I started?

  • Depression? What’s that?
  • Don’t get tired easily
  • Enjoying conversation with people

  • More happy
  • So much free time
  • I just love myself for doing all this
  • More motivation
  • A little muscular( bcoz of gym)
  • Social anxiety is almost gone
  • It’s funny females giving me more attention (touching my arm and laughing like a clown at my silly jokes)
  • Feel like an Alpha
  • I can control weather now.

What helped me?

  1. Nofap community ( seriously thank you guys )
  2. I have been hitting gym
  3. reading a lot of books ( actually enjoying them)
  4. 5km running every day
  5. it’s just the feeling was great that kept me on the track.

LINK – 60 days

by rushikesh42