Age 20 – Happier, More energy, Far less anxiety talking to girls, View women differently

Hey community, the Asian (Vietnamese, to be exact) is here again 🙂 I want to thank this community (once again) for being so helpful to me,

but also your support for any other. Those who had the idea that PMO had caused them a lot of troubles and hopefully now, having a better life. Now, moving on to list a few things about the changes I did.

So, this is what I did before nofap (what I thought wasn’t good):

  • Spending a lot of time on the computer with PMO (1-2 hours a day?) and my games (like 3+ hours on weekends)
  • therefore also neglecting my social circle
  • and the loss of interests in a lot of things I used to do (hanging out with friends from time to time, playing piano etc)
  • like the previous things mentioned, I was quite unmotivated to do (new) things in general
  • I was ruminating a lot more, I was more self-conscious about myself and (PMO caused me to think) being depressive for (luckily) a short period of time
  • That said, I also was in my head like 95% of the time when talking to people, especially when talking with beautiful girls (that is subjective, I know)

Now here are the changes that I did and/or happen after abstaining from PMO for about 60 days:

  • No PMO obviously and spending less time on games (1-2 hours in like 2-3 days), though I still love playing games x).
  • After noticing my neglecting of my social circle, I also noticed how ‘hard’ it is to get to do something with friends. I think I have to re-learn it with some time. Let’s see.
  • I have made a schedule for myself. I tried dividing my plan into several things / hobbies I NEED TO DO for at least 30 mins or more on each day of the week. If I cannot make it somehow (due to a lot of stuff for university, everything NEEDS TO BE DONE at the end of the week)

–> Monday: creative: playing and practicing new songs on the piano (again) / practice drawing (again)

–> Tuesday: education: reading, studying (or learning Japanese (again), which doesn’t go that well. Meh.)

–> Wednesday: Cheat day. I think anyone needs a day off of whatever. Mine happens to be Wednesday. If I’m in a good mood, I do the things I couldn’t do in the last days or just leave it 😉

–> Thursday: watching movies / anime (I love it! but I’m not an otaku, because this is actually considered to be an insult – in Japan at least. Yep, I know that stuff)

–> Friday: creating: taking pictures or learning to cook (still not doing well. Im totally not used to that, since those things are the things I do very very less, but I want to change it. Anyone has an advice for that?)

–> Saturday: Meeting up with friends (like I said before, going to re-learn it) / learning to dance (atm I’m on ‘Locking’, dancing to funky music – but I would also try mix it up with a bit of Bboy. Let’s see where my journey will take me)

–> Sunday: Family (it is gradually getting better, even though it could be more! But better slow than not doing anything at all! 🙂 )

–> in addition to that, I also work out to keep myself fit (and looking better, too? Idk :D) twice a week. I never skipped it once when I started it in the middle of May 2015.

–> Cold / cool showers. Don’t need to explain much, since it is individual to everyone. I start warm, turning it cold until feeling uncomfortable. 5 minutes.

My opinions:

  • I also noticed that I almost never get in my head, which used to be very often. I’m happier in general and also feel that way
  • Another change was the amount of anxiety that I used to have when talking to beautiful girls – it decreased A LOT. I don’t say it disappeared, I still have some struggles to approach, but that is normal I guess (since starting NoFap, P doesn’t imply my mind with the idea of objectifying women anymore which is good).
  • Plus, I noticed girls which are ‘beautiful’, but never considered it before. Wow, I can even look them in the eyes. Appreciation feels good (though I TRY avoiding to look on the special body parts which could trigger my head to PMO or whatever) – However, I haven’t noticed that girls ‘would be more into me’ / staring or looking at me more (I read posts of people who reported that). Haven’t checked that yet, but it doesn’t bother me that much anymore
  • A further subtle change was when I watched a movie and saw a couple humping. My reaction was: no boner, but it also felt weird. Hard to describe, but I would say that this is a positive sign. Something has changed.
  • NoFap is giving YOU the ENERGY, BUT you need to DO IT YOURSELF.

So, I think, that is everything I had to say for now. If there is something I forgot, I will let you know and edit it.

Stay strong mates, I know you can do it, too! Ask, if you have any questions. AND DON’T CONSIDER MO. It would trigger the old pathways in my opinion and I will stick to that. Only go for the real deal with real human beings.

LINK – Basically a 60 days detailed report (long post)

by FiveStruggles