Age 20 – Happier than I’ve been in 6+ years


I am an energy ball and I feel good about myself. And you know what, I can’t recall any other day like this when I smiled whole day and actually felt happy in past 6-7 years. I used to be highly spiritual as a kid,from age 5 to 12,b ut then I started PMO. I am 20.

I also noticed a certain clarity on my face,which was missing all this time since I started PMO. I have always been gifted in this sense. I can’t tell if someone is beautiful  or not,but I can tell about their personality by looking at their face.

My next target is to get rid of my internet addiction.


  1. No more clouded face.
  2. Energy levels very high
  3. I fee alive and good andt so fucking hollow like a shell.

I am on semen retention. I actually had horny dreams thrice around day 15,17 and 22,but I didn’t cum. I actually had this thought process in dreams that I am not  supposed to cum for the first two and I woke up before I could cum for the third. Wasting time on internet and over stimulating my brain ALSO has to stop. Enough of  this shit.

It’s my third [NoFap streak], but I have been trying to quit for a few years now. First one was 20,second one was 15. I decided to try it because I had a promise with god  hat if I don’t fap for 3 months,I will be same healthy and attractive guy that I used to be.

Totally not an advertisement,I follow sasha day game on YouTube. He talks about your purpose and the world and shit like that,he is also a Pick Up Artist,I find  myself very confident now, because he taught me,in part,how to live life. He goes out there with his funny haircuts and weird dress combos and impresses girls,just  by being himself.

I also follow Adam Taha on quora. He answers dating related questions. Quora,over all is good,but they both instills that energy into me to have my stand and be creative and alive.

In case anyone is struggling,those were my prime motivation sources all this long.

LINK – I am an energy ball and I feel good about myself.