Age 20 – Hardmode to satisfying, ground-shaking sex

Let me give you a general idea of the man i was before discovering nofap.

  • no confidence whatsoever
  • just as bipolar as a gotdam female
  • the world was my enemy and the sun was the worst
  • everywhere i went i craved approval like a drug and did whatever necessary to get it like a damn lap dog
  • became mr nice guy instead of being my true self to attract woman and that plan backfired 100 fold
  • depression you never thought possible
  • lazy and one big sad excuse of a male.

Lets look at me now

  • aim me at a female and i could report to you if im plugging her later by a 1 time interaction.
  • alpha not in the terms of being superior to the male species but in having the collective knowledge of experience to collab and enhance the lives of my fellow peers around me, an alpha male is nothing without his surrounding and people that believe his message.
  • depression is a non existant thought of your past life that no longer interacts with your current being
  • motivation of a gotdamn president, your goal will no longer feel galaxys within your reach, the possibilities are beyond the word endless.
  • the word that held so much value in your life is nothing but a obvious statement thats a total bore to dwell on, Confidence, it is no longer a word, it becomes as part of you as the word human, people will praise you for it but you wont be fascinated as its just another organ you see everyday
  • the female species will be a buffet for your choosing, you will have the charm, suave and spontaneity of a walking, talking 007, i am living testimony of every benefit in this post.

I was on hardmode for my 200 days, that rewired my sexual reward response from my hand. The rest of the year was sex, long, drenching, wet satisfying ground shaking sex. Now my sexual satisfaction is wired to vagina, that same motivation i had when looking for a new big booty extreme 2 hour porn film is the exact same motivation i have looking for a new sexual encounter and the list goes on, A human homing device you can call it.

Every human in this forum has the utmost potential to join and journey this long awaited path with me on pure will and one magical word i carry, perseverance.

These benefits are absolutely real and are waiting for every single one of you on the other side.

Join me brothers as we slay this beast once and for all!

The Messenger is back.

If you want to know my story, read my previous posts

Thread: A Year Of Nofap, 1 heck of a ride.

BY – TheMessenger


INITIAL POST – 130 Days Hard Mode. Best Decision of my Life.

Alright just a recap of my 130 days on hard mode. Im 20 and ive been on and off nofap since i was 18 and have been fapping for years but for the first time ive gone past 100days.

Who i was before nofap:

*Anxious kid who was worried about what people thought of him.
*Depressed and was constantly in a low mood.
*Emotions were out of balance and constantly having mood swings from extremely aggressive to extremely emotional and mellow.
*Over thinking every little thing i did.
*No confidence
*Didn’t feel masculine or alpha at all. Always felt inferior to every one around me
*Was a nice guy not because im genuinely nice but because i wanted peoples approval
*Failing school, No motivation and just extremely lazy overall

Who i am now

*Feel very comfortable in social environments, Socialize very smoothly.
*Hit on woman relentlessly without the fear of rejection.
*Learnt to magnify my strengths instead of my weaknesses and people see it.
*Leader in social situations.
*Not afraid to be my true self.
*Emotions under control. if i wanna be mad i will be. if i wanna be chill i will be. im in control.
*Embrace my manhood and do everything my way without looking for approval except for my own.
*Motivation is there but be careful. with the new carefree attitude you get, it can make you a lil to carefree and lazy lol
*Just overall better, healthier, stronger and smarter lol

130 days recap:
It wasnt just nofap that contributed to my well being, it was also cold showers, and my diet. Focus on your testosterone levels aswell. Because even though you rack up a nice amount of days. Low testosterone can hinder your progress. I never really gymed but i dont feel the need to cause i already feel at peace mentally. woman love me cause im charming and a flirt now lol. My reboot wasnt a easy one. I flatlined for awhile and became very depressed around day 70 to day 100 maby but after that. i just became superman. Dont let the flatline scare you. Ride it out. Its definitely worth it. After day 120 i became irresistable to woman, not because i was goodlooking or confident. it was cause my words just flowed fluently and i just had presence now i didnt have before. Now alot of guys respect me, not because i acted alpha or anything. its because im always an helping hand and always got good advice when my brothers are down and they look up to me. My journeys far from complete, But i feel like ive made a big improvement. To my nofap people. Keep striving cause in the end. Itll be all worth it.

Yours Truly

The Messenger

P.s i wanted to keep going about the benefits. but i want you to experience it yourself.


UPDATE – 500 days nofap, 200 of them Hardmode

Brothers i have reached a epiphany, lets cut right to the chase.

Important changes I’ve made

– Motivation to do anything and everything i want, i simply forgot what the word lazy means.

– I used to be riddled with unhealthy and spirit crushing insecurities cause of fapping but now confidence is not a issue anymore. Ive reached the point where i feel like i can choose any woman i want to be with and have the ability to pick the right ones. No more second guessing, I’m always precise with my decisions now.

– I know how to weed good from bad friends, i no longer follow the crowd, i set the tone and the people follow now, and with that ability i use it to stray people from the bad and unhealthy path into a happy and more productive path. I no longer want to see my brothers insecure and short sighted, i help whenever i can because i know what it felt like to be in that position.

– I am finally at peace with myself, i feel like I’ve found the me I’ve been looking for my whole life and the world feels like my oyster.

– Im wittier, quicker on my feet, more determined and overall a better person and a person i can be proud of.

– Caution with this new found confidence and inner power, you can either have a good or bad effect on woman, when i found this power i made the mistake of using it to my sexual advantage and took a lot of girls for granted, that was around the 300 day mark, now I’m wiser and know better.

When i first joined nofap it was because i wanted to conquer woman and have any woman i wanted. I had it and its not what its cracked up to be. I realised life was what i was suppose to conquer and I’m happy I’ve become wiser since then.

One last word brothers

It’s fucking worth it

I’m out!


UPDATE  – 2 Years and 6 fuckin months later people

It has been a looooooong road, a loooonngg fuckin road

but I am back with good news for everyone, the benefits don’t stop they keep rolling in.

2 years I set out to get rid of fappin forever, here I am today with a tale for you all

In the beginning I was the epitome of a loser no doubt. a downright loser when I look back at who i was back then and it was all thanks to porn and the beauty of my right hand lol but it all changed after I gave it all up, i woke up and said nope, I’ve had enough, no more.

let me get to the point I am at right now

1. Confidence gets to the point where its fuckin ridiculous I’m telling you, to the point you become almost rude and you have to eat some of your words and hold back a bit lolol

2. Work ethic gets outta hand and you cram everything in cause you think you can do everything then realize NoFap doesn’t cure everything lol, you get more motivated but you still get burnt out if you over do it. But the motivation will be there and it feels fuckin beautiful lolol

3. Your sex life will improve 100 fold, and i mean 100 fold, your dick will turn into a iron rod and you will never go limp, I repeat never ever lolol. oh and you get random boners like you did when you were a kid lolol

4. You learn more about who you are, and get to know yourself better and you become quicker, wittier and all that, I’m tellin you, you turn into the you if you never discovered fappin or porn.

5. Woman flock like a bee to a flower, put away your right arm and start looking for a real boo people lolol.

Those are the main but people NoFap is not a lie and if people tell you there is nothing wrong with fappin to porn, punch them in the mouth lolol no don’t, but really NoFap will turn you into superman if you take the time people.

i believe that you will all make it out!