Age 20 – How has 143 days of nofap changed me?

  • Lower anxiety levels overall
  • Overall less irritable day to day
  • I quit smoking dope
  • Quit drinking pop all day everyday and essentially only drink water
  • Quit smoking cigarettes
  • Started taking vitamins and minerals ( zinc, magnesium, vitamin d3 and vitamin a)
  • Skin clearer (most likely from zinc and vitamins)
  • I am more social then I’ve ever been ( be it mostly at the club but whatever, still pretty fun imo)
  • Get vivid dreams
  • Have made more gains at the gym (from 165 up to 178)
  • Bigger appetite
  • Easier to wake up early in the morning
  • More facial hair growth
  • Not as socially conscious anymore
  • Elevated emotions
  • More motivated to make money
  • More concentrated on certain task ie) work

If all these are attributed to nofap… Who knows but I just wanted to give an update. All I can say is this year has started pretty well tbh.

For me [doing Nofap] came down to being a loner and wanting to be able to socialize with people without feel anxious af.

LINK – What has 143 days of nofap has changed me

by bobby_j_hill