Age 20 – I feel like a million times better and I figured out a lot of things during these last many weeks.


I’m a 20 year old boy I was addicted to Pmo for years and today I finally made it to the 90 days! Let me tell you I feel like a million times better and I figured out a lot of things during these last weeks. So I discovered nofap on October 2016 my life before was like a zombie one, even though I had good grades and good settle in life I hated myself.

 I wasn’t able to socialize and felt weird anytime. I’m 6’7 and was overweight and I never been able to feel good especially with girls.

The first tries of nofap all led to relapse and I felt really bad on December 25 spending time alone as I’m the only one in my family who lives in my country. I decided to stop but I failed when I was in the flatline everytime. So my streak started on March 21. This day I told myself to not relapse whatever happens and I also made a personality test. The results was that I’m the logic type of person which explains why I always been shy and had good grades without studying. I realized why I always felt a little bit different : there’s only a few people who think the way I do and I got a brain who never stops analyzing.

What I figured porn was doing to myself :

It was taking my inner energy (you know the shit that Buddhist talk about). We got 2 types of energy in our body : the one which make us who we are and the one who make us do things and they function together like we’re still breathing even if we’re doing something and not thinking about it. And both energies are in our body.

So basically when looking at porn your mind goes for the orgasm but you’re not having sex. You got to create the horniness of the situation which takes so much active energy to do it, your imagination got to go hard as your passive energy ain’t working (no real feelings you’re only tricking your emotions, in fact you’re in your room in front of a screen) and the peak is the orgasm, when you can release your thoughts and all of your active energy – > dopamine release in your brain just like if you were doing sports. Understand that the activity is really high to settle a real orgasm without having sex.

What does porn does in real life :

You’re just looking for you’re active energy. If you are addicted you’re looking for it 24/7. Think about it just after Pmo you are not different physically or mentally you’re just feel a little bit less in yourself and you’re asking yourself why did I Pmo? (you used to feel so good just a second ago, why don’t you feel like that anymore?). You just said goodbye to your active energy. You were feeling it at his peak, your were feeling like a man in control of yourself, of your thoughts, at a point where you can forget everything in your life but it just lasted a second and the second after you don’t feel it.

A part of your mind is looking for it to get that feeling into your passive energy cause you felt godlike but you created everything. Your senses are looking for that feeling back your eyes are not shiny, you don’t feel taste, you don’t hear what you want you are only looking for the control of this energy back, you’re like a zombie except when you pmo again but a second after say hello to the zombie craving himself.

About girls :

Men have more active energy and women more passive. Just think about how they are represented when you are at the peak of the active energy.

One more thing: Girls are looking for boys. Don’t waste your energy.

About me:

Well I finally done it, I understood I’ll always be about philosophy and will never stop thinking. I’m fearless because I don’t feel any frustration and any illogical things in my life. I don’t have any frustration no more I feel good with myself and for that the only thing needed is to discover your soul, what you are made of. For that nobody can help you even this great subreddit, it’s all about you and how you grew up. Mostly your fear are from your past (A moment where you wasn’t able to master one of your energy so you don’t want that moment to happen again (just like when you want a moment where you was able to master it at the best to happen again (yeah I put 3 parenthesis but I got a lot on my mind))).

Also I would like to say this theory is all new and comes only from my experience of life so this could be a shit post but that makes sense for me.
And of course pmo is not an option and this is for the rest of my life I’ll never let my energy go in a toilet paper anymore.

About flatline :

The moment when your brain craves the most your active energy (you feel very passive) you’re scared because you are a men you don’t want feel like that forever. Guess the quickest, easiest way to find a control back?

Take your time during flatline. Don’t be scared to never get back your brain is a plastic. That’s the reason why we reboot. Let your brain master your energy back (like when you were a child you used to feel happy, you’re not unhappy because you have more to do you just don’t master yourself anymore).

Know more about yourself during this time (meditation is the shit bro).

Guys you can get the light. You already found the light, you’re in this sub for a reason. Fuck how dark is the tunnel there’s the light at the end. Nofap is all real.

Ps: Sorry for bad English

LINK – 90 Days… A long post and a theory

by Kozara