Age 20 – I get dates, girls look at me A LOT MORE. I’m happy, more masculine

The last Saturday I went to a disco with 3 friends to party, I don’t drink but I have a lot of fun. When I was dancing with my friends, one girl was all the time looking at me and she was really cute but I didn’t do nothing because I thought that was normal.

But when we went out because one friend wanted to smoke and then we go back, that girl that girl was screaming to his friend something like: It’s him, it’s him!! And more girls were looking at me but they wanted me to approach them, but I don’t know why but I was freaking out because of that attention that I couldn’t believe.

I didn’t do nothing with the girls but I feel very good with myself, is the nofap aura or something like that I don’t know, haha.

Today some girl that i met a long time ago opened me a conversation on whatsapp, telling me that how I am and if I wanted to have a date this weekend.

Ofc I said yes haha pizza and cinema with a cute girl is the best plan for a weekend.

Everyday when I woke up I think: I’m the boss, who the f**k do this nofap? 0.0001% compared with all the world.

That makes you feel confident, masculine, with purpose and free.

I was so depressed when I was on PMO but now maybe there is a real escape for that hell.

Keep going brothers, don’t quit this is a real life changing

LINK – I get a date,girls look at me A LOT MORE,happy,more masculine

by Snake