Age 20 – I had monsterous ED & DE

Hey guys, 58 days ago I started PMO HARDMODE!! for the very first time of my life, had monsterous ED and DE and sometimes premature O.
now for the past 6 months I’m kinda dating a girl and she was virgin (she 18 I’m 20) and she wanted to have sex a long time ago and I just couldn’t! my ED made me incompetent and it felt horrible when a girl tells you she want you and you have to come up with excuses as to why it’s not the time..When I was 21 days in the challenge I tried and it didn’t work..It was totally soft bhaa..

She was desperate and quiet sad and for all that time she became numb and indifferent to me..

Yesterday I met her alone and although I was only have erect at best..I managed to penetrate a virgin!

And inside my erection was better..After that she told me she was gonna leave me today because of this problem and I really got saved in the last second thank god!

I hope that in a month or 2 this problem will be something of the past..But it was giant boost to confidence and good emotion at overall..I went to party after that and was much more confident and happy!!

LINK – day 57 – first sex!!!

by itay