Age 20 – I have a healthy libido for the first time in my life


BEFORE – Sex was hollow, a shell of what it should have been for me. I was fapping to porn for years before my first sexual encounter with a girl. The first time that I had sex was a great experiance, but it was nothing compared to porn. When I watched porn, my heart would start pounding as soon as I typed in the porn site.

My entire body would heat up along with a feeling of exhilaration that nothing else could provide. I felt nothing like this going into sex, and I could last up to and hour thanks to desensitization.

AFTER (120 days)

The way that I felt about porn became the way that I felt about real sex. In addition to this, I have experienced a healthy libido for the first time in my life. I no longer want to have sex with every attractive woman that I see. Instead, I would rather get to know a woman first and actually make sex mean something. Before, I could last up to an hour (sometimes more), now I can last 30 minutes, but the sensation is leagues better than it was before. Which is a fine trade off by me. If you ask me, this benefit alone makes all of NoFap worth it.

I had sex for the first 3 weeks, then went hard mode for around 45 days. At that time I had PE, so I went another 30 days hard mode. After that I was able to manage PE with practice and now everything is good. If you still have PE then I would suggest going another 30 days hard mode. After that, try sex twice a week for awhile and it should improve your PE.

I’m 27, started porn use young, about once a day. I am about 125 days into my reboot, and it will be a while before I am fully recovered.

LINK – Sex before and after NoFap (120 days)

By jacob321098


Before I found this sub and yourbrainonporn, I was missing out on so many parts of life that I cant believe I am still here today. I started porn around age 11 long before my first real sexual encounter. This led to many problems for me like Porn induced ED/delayed ejaculation, random depression with high levels of social anxiety, and desensitization to many things that I loved growing up. I kept going downhill for years as my porn addiction got worse. I lost all real connections to my family and friends because over time I was replacing any interest in them with porn. I hated life, hated living, hated everything about myself until one day I was lucky enough to stumble upon this sub and everything changed after that.

After I began my reboot with NoFap, I discovered who I really am for the first time in my life. I thought that I was an introvert that had no real interest in pursuing women or bettering himself. I thought that I would spend the rest of my life without any direction or any real connections to those around me. I thought that I was actually worthless enough that it wouldn’t matter to a single person if I was gone. But I was wrong about all of these things and after I realized that, I decided to go all out on this reboot. I combined NoFap with exercise, diet, cold showers, going back to college, and meditation. I didn’t even entertain a single thought about sex or porn.

Now I have changed so much that I can’t even remember what I was like before. My depression is gone and I love doing things again like off-roading and basketball; activities that I loved growing up but my interest faded into my addiction with time. My anxiety is gone as well, and I can even get up in front of a group without any issues at all. Everything about sex changed for the better. I can last 30 minutes and the sensation is amazing. NoFap is incredible for self improvement and many people are missing out on it. Keep in mind that NoFap is also just the first step. Stay Strong!

LINK – I am beginning to forget my life without NoFap. (130 days later)


Before I made it this far on my current streak, I relapsed many times despite the fact that I was taking cold showers, exercising, and meditating. But I didn’t become successful with NoFap until I realized that I have missed out on many parts of life growing up. With how many negative side effects there are to porn use, I was never at my full potential (age 27 now, started at 11). Now that I have made it 130 days, I can honestly look back and say that there were many opportunities that I either missed out on or didn’t put forth any effort into. I’m not saying that all my bad experiences growing up were because of porn, but porn influenced many of the things that I could of done better.

With this, I looked back at my life to see what specific events were changed caused by my porn use and I made them into a list. The list looks something like this.

  • Basketball, something that I loved when I was younger but I gave it up with time. I remember fapping every night before practices and games, and the next day I would feel drained, lethargic, and unmotivated to practice hard or be competitive. If I had the energy that I have now, I would have loved the sport and I would have given it everything that I had, like I do when I play today.
  • I can remember two different chances that I had to start romantic relationships. Both of the girls were amazing, and they were actually interested in me, but I completely missed this because porn was way more appealing to me during my addiction. Those relationships could of had real potential.
  • Then there were the countless social events that I could have gone to or I was invited to go, but I went home instead and fapped to porn. Some examples, high school/college dances, friends just wanting to hang out, sporting events, a trip to Florida, Etc…

Every time that I get close to a relapse I look at this list and remember all the times that I threw away my life for porn. I remember all the times that I threw away experiencing happiness or fulfillment for a brief moment of pleasure that leaves me crippled afterwards. Then, I remind myself that if I watch porn, this list could grow by tomorrow and I’ll just hate myself even more for letting that happen. I will never again trade one more amazing experience for some bullshit pictures or videos online.

Since I gave up porn, I play basketball everyday at my local YMCA, I am engaged to an amazing woman and I work at a roofing consultant firm for skyscrapers. Trust me on this, if I can change so can you. I was really messed thanks to my porn use, and I even had porn induced ED, but I overcame all of it. Anyone here who really wants to change their life can. NoFap is the perfect first step toward a better life for anyone.

This is how I went 130 days without a relapse.

Throughout this journey I have had many ups and down, and I have seen many benefits appear and disappear (flatlines). But there is one constant thing that keeps changing. This mental fog that has been surrounding me for practically my entire life is slowly disappearing. This fog is a mixture of many different side effects due to porn/masturbation such as bad memory, inability to articulate during a conversation, inability to stay focused or entertained with anything. This fog blocked my ability to see the beauty in many different aspects of life. I had no appreciation for amazing scenery in nature, and I didn’t have any interest in experiencing new things. This fog made the world look dull and uninteresting and even now on day 135, it still is taking time to disappear completely.

Now that the mental fog is going away, the way that I enjoy life and experiance new things is completely changing. If I find myself in a conversation, I am clear and focused on what I am saying and how I want to articulate it. I can easily defend myself in an argument, and I can confidently talk in front of a group. In addition to this, I have new appreciation for anything beautiful or interesting in life. I can just look at an amazing sight and be engulfed in the moment, and I can find interest in almost every new experiance that I have. The best part about all of this is that each day, the mental fog goes away a little bit more and I continue to enjoy life even more. Stay Strong!!!

Day 135. The Mental Fog that covered most of my life is disappearing.

When I first started, I thought Nofap would fix all of my problems. Every single day I waited for benefits/superpowers to show up. There were days where I would feel amazing and then there were days where I would feel like shit. Then I came to realize that Nofap isn’t a solution to all of your problems, it is more like a first step toward changing all of the bad habits in your life. This realization came to me at about day 90 to 100ish and from then onward I started to slowly change every single bad habit in my life. This would not have been possible without Nofap there to help me.

The first change that I made was going to the gym every single day no matter how sluggish or drained that I felt that day. This was very difficult, but I stuck through it deciding that feeling great on a long streak where diet/exercise was involved is worth it more than anything. The second change that I made was, choosing to not consider porn as an option no matter how terrible I felt. Most of my relapses were on shitty days where I was extremely bored. These days I would decide to just take a peek every now and then at R/all to see what nsfw posts were at the top, and it just escalated from there. The thrid change that I made was to start making the most out of every day even when I felt terrible because of the flatline or other issues at the time. I was in this mindset where I would just try and get through the bad days and wait for good days to come. This state of mind made me miss out on so many oppertunites that I will reget it for the rest of my life. When I decided to make the absolute most out of every single day was when I started to really change for the better. After that I would treat every day as another chance to experiance somthing new and amazing no matter how bad the flatline was.

If I could give you glimpse at my life before Nofap it would look something like this.

-Get up at noon-ish. -Go to my shitty job as a cashier. -Pick up fast food on the way there. -Sludge through the day and hardly socialize with anybody. -Go home and masturbate to porn. -Fall asleep at 2:30AM or later.

My life now after a year of struggling with porn has radically changed for the better. I have a fiancee in my life that is amazing and loyal even after I told her everything about my porn addiction and Nofap. We are planning on moving in togethor soon and getting married next summer. I’m back in college studying for my master’s degree. I’m currently working at a consulting firm that deals with roofing on skyscrapers. I recently was just an interin there but now I’m a warranty inspector for high rise buildings, and I’m making $45 dollars an hour. This job lets me work whenever I want which means that I can choose when I go to job sites and how many hours that I want each week. Each week I go to either Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Maryland, or Boston for one night and inspect a roof so that I can sign off on a 20-year warranty. On these jobs I get to stay in whatever hotel that I want for the night, eat out at whever I want during the trip, and I can either fly there or drive my own car and everything is covered by the consulting firm. Overall, since I gave up porn, I’ve had the energy and willpower to change my life for the better. I’m not saying that Nofap is a solution to all of your problems but it is a radicall first step toward solving your issues on your own, one by one.

Side Note: I recently had to reset my streat due to some minor edging to porn but before that I was at about 200 days.

Stay Strong Brothers!

20 years old and I’ve been at this for over a year now. Here is how my life has changed for the better.