Age 20 – I kissed her, productivity and confidence up


20 y/o long time lurker of nofap dropping by to say thank you for your stories, words of wisdom, pieces of advice, etc. Yesterday after an amazing day of hanging out with a beautiful woman, I finally did something that I never would have done without nofap. I made a move and kissed her before she went home. She seemed to enjoy it and now we have a date next week.

3 weeks into nofap and no end in sight! Have a blessed day, yall.

I went for it because she gave me this look. I can’t describe what it was exactly, but her facial expression yelled “kiss me”. But honestly, go in and if she retracts back, it means she doesn’t want to. I base it off how she stares at me.

My main benefit from nofap is that most anxiety I have on a daily basis is no longer there. Meditation and exercise contribute heavily to this, but nofap is also a big help. Confidence is definitely up there, as well a productivity. Socially, I’ve definitely made improvements.

I decided to try it after being dumped in the summer and then spiraling down a path of bad habits and a lazy attitude. Decided to try it and have not looked back.

LINK – I kissed her

By ChildishBurrito