Age 20 – I radiate a masculine aura that attracts people


My life before NoFap I was a “normal” kid. But I remember being very insecure (more than the average boy) and i had trouble making friends. I was kind of fat and i was always smaller than the other boys around my age. My development as a child took a little while (Now I’m taller than most of them, but at the time, I remember that being difficult to me). I also had an older brother (good looking and very charismatic) with whom I was always comparing myself and feeling lesser.

How did i discovered fapping?. I Feel kind of sad when I remember this moment, and I feel like I’m talking about another person after all this time. I had no idea what i was getting myself into. But anyways, I remember searching for a download on my first smartphone and by mistake i ended up in an adult site. I was about 13-14, it wasn’t immediately, but slowly but surely it became a habit, and before i knew, I was masturbating on daily basis.

How did i found about NoFap? Fast forward I’m 20 years old, it’s been a year since my first and only girlfriend with whom I thought I was going to marry left me for another guy. I’m done with being sad, broken and depressed. Enough is enough, I’m determined to stand up and build my life. So I start to read a lot of books on self improvement, I start to study for my college admission test, i join a gym (I’m still fat at this point, but losing weight and gaining muscle consistently, aiming for that lean, greek god body). So in general I was always looking to improve my self and that’s where I found a video on rebel media about fapping, so I discovered NoFap and I took the challenge, I had nothing to lose, and everything to win. For some reason I never thought fapping was a big deal, or something that would affect my life in a big way, oh boy.

NoFap numbers and Relapses I started on july 28, i edged a few times but I only PMOed once on september 3. I edged for the last time on october 3 (to this day) and that’s pretty much it.

Urges and how i dealt with them The first 2 weeks were HARD, a lot of urges, it was my mind saying no vs 7 years of beating it like it owed me money. I wanted to improve my life so I was determined to achieve it. And the only time I PMOed, I remember saying to myself ”This is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had,” I remember feeling dumb, slow, sad, depressed, unmotivated and a deep sense of disappointment. So i decided i wanted no business with PMO, at all. Being on this sub helped me a lot, it kept me focused. And at the same time, when I didn’t fap, I was starting to have so many and so intense benefits that I could not believe it, and that leads me to the next point.

NoFap benefits Placebo effect? ABSOLUTELY. NOT. at least for me. I can’t think of ONE SINGLE area of my life where I would be like “Damn, if I were fapping I would be so much better”, but to name a few benefits. More energy, more motivation, less fear, less procrastination, more strength, more eye contact, I don’t care attitude “Don’t want to be with me? Cool, I don’t care, you weren’t for me, bye bye sayonara!!”, happiness, dealing with life troubles easier. But my main two benefits are: Now I can connect with people so so so much easier than before. A lot of people want to be friends with me or to hang around, the conversations flow like a river. Saying the right thing it’s something that now I don’t have to think about. I never knew i could be the funny guy or that i could say something so funny the whole group would just burst into laughter. You wouldn’t believe I’m the same man as the anxious frightened nervous boy i once was. You thought I forgot it? No, The ladies attention. To sum it up, yes it increases, a lot. Girls i once thought as goddesses (wrong, i know) now want to be with me. You radiate a masculine aura that attracts people. I’m not saying every girl you see boom now she wants you. That would be silly, but it does increase. And is that only due to NoFap?

Reality and life outside NoFap The truth is that if you are successful, famous or have a lot of money, doors will open a lot more, in general. A lot of girls will want to be you. If you look like Brad Pitt or Theo James or I don’t now man, Doctor Mike or some instagram celebrity, girls will want to be with you, even if you fap. My point is, focus your energy on improving yourself as a whole. Your body, take care of it. NO ONE will do it for you, (I’ve been fat and I’ve been fit and it doesn’t matter what your friend or teacher told you, it does matter. Period. In some situations more than in others, but it matters). Have goals and walk towards them. You want be an actor? cool, go for it. You want to be the next Michael Phelps? go for it. The thing here is, NoFap gives you every single tool you need to achieve your goals (things that are on your control). But don’t expect to things just to magically happen. So start focusing on your life, your goals, what you want. This article helped me a lot (Long, but it’s worth it)

Bumps on the road First bump. The first 2-3 weeks I had really intense nightmares, they woke me up in the middle of the night, daily. I don’t know why I had them, but eventually they disappeared. Second bump. Flatlines, i had two of them one at day 15-20 i think, and the second one at day 100 aprox it was horrible, to be honest i just felt depressed, needy, lonely. But they went away. And the third bump wet dreams. I know they’re not bad per se, but retaining your semen have A LOT of benefits. So, every 10-15 days (sometimes less) i get a wet dream. I get frustrated and sometimes I feel kind of sad. The other day i was going to see a girl for the first time (our first date) and that same day BAM! wet dream. I don’t know what to do. I try to avoid them but i keep getting them.

LINK – 67 day report. My whole journey in-depth

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