Age 20 – I spent 8 years destroying my inner self. 120 days without.

I started watching P at age 12. My cousin introduced me to it. I quickly became addicted and spent 8 years destroying my inner self. 127 days ago I decided to quit. It was much easier than expected.

What I did can be broken down into a few stages. Some I did consciously, some not:

1- I consciously wanted to quit; completely and fully. I wasn’t on the fence but clearly in my mind said I want to quit. I also didn’t push quitting off into the future but did it on the day.

2- I decided to quit: I said in my mind, ‘I’ve quit.’ I said it in a confident way, almost nonchalantly like it was easy. I didn’t allow my mind to tell me quitting was difficult.

3- With my mind in check I took physical action: I stopped watching TV, using the Internet (in my bedroom), watching movies, I switched to an old school mobile phone, basically I cut off every single avenue of entertainment except books (which were clean).

4- I made a small sheet with numbers on it and I started counting off the days.

5- I would set mini goals; I would say Ok my goal is to get to 7 days, then 14 etc. I’m on 127 now. When I would reach my goal I would make sure to feel really good about myself

6- well that was it really.


Did I M in this time?
Yes but only to imagination. I’m quitting M now, I’m on day 4

Do I still feel urges to watch P? No, but sometimes if I don’t guard my eyes when I’m outside and allow myself to become aroused, I do have urges to look at beautiful women. So the key is lower your gaze and feel sorry for the women (who you should see as your sisters or mothers) who have to dress that way in order to increase their feeling of self worth.

If you have any questions, please ask.

LINK – How to go 120 days without P – Easily

by ThePoet