Age 20 – I stopped living in my head

Benefits include morning sausage, normal thoughts not always sexual, and I feel rewarded from activities that are beneficial towards my health. Running feels fantastic and I want to run more! (this is a first for me).

I am 20, I’ve used internet porn since I was 13 and didnt realize it was a problem until I got ED with my now girlfriend. Porn absolutely is not even a thought in my brain ever and will never be again.

I am 10000% ive done this. I want to shed some light on what I’ve found helpful throughout this process I want all of you to make it out of here alive not get stuck in a loop. I’ve found that I have to stop living in my head! I have to stop putting information out of how things are going to be and instead be in the present moment and take in information. I’ve learned this vaguely in psych 101 , idk how it goes i’m sure a more intelligent fapstronaut can explain but your brain can produce information such as you singing a song and getting the lyrics out as you hear the backround music, and your brain can intake new information.

What I did Is i was constantly on a mission to take in new information. Instead of trying not to PMO, I started doing new activities, and CONSTANTLY being present throughout them. It takes meditation but its achievable, once achieved it only gets easier. First and foremost guys BREATHE. BREATHE CONSCIOUSLY, start from there, then be very aware of your thoughts and everyday tasks. Anytime you feel you are in your mind, take yourself to the side. Close your eyes and feel your breathing and control your mind again before you proceed your day to day tasks.

Do what you need to do to avoid PMO, but dont let the fact that its not there be the reason you can’t. itll be around you always you just have to choose to live without it. Lastly guys BREATHE. be conscious of it and remember to let yourself determine how this next time does, not your fappy porn wired brain

It wont work for everyone but sure worked for me.

LINK – it’s been a month and i’ve successfully rewired and rebooted my brain.

by rockbedman