Age 20 – I thought I would be socially awkward forever


I haven’t masturbated or watched pornography for about two months now. I have never experienced such a sudden and positive change in my entire life. Porn and jerking off is bad. It saps your energy. It makes you awkward, withdrawn, and unambitious. Since I quit, within 1 month I was dating a beautiful brunette from my work.

The weird thing is that I wasn’t trying. I just naturally started talking to people at work, making friends, making jokes, complimenting women as soon as I thought of what I liked about them. If I saw something I liked, I said it, if I saw something I liked I approached it, just like my GF.

Before I would overthink myself, I would sound creepy. Their beauty would frustrate me, I would become awkward, now it’s like the hotter they are the MORE confidence I have, it gives me power to pursue them somehow. My charisma and confidence is through the roof.

I went from a kid who in high school used to hide in the corner of the library, afraid that others would see I have no friends, to now, naturally confident in a way I only dreamed of.

I will say this lastly, the smell, the warmth, and the sound of a real woman cannot even be compared to the cold image of porn. We as humans are driven by our sexual energy. So discipline it and it will guide you! If you feel like you aren’t good enough for the world of for a lover, you are wrong, all you need is the will.

When you are addicted to porn. You don’t think that you have an addiction. You don’t think you have symptoms. As for why I quit, I saw a great video on youtube of a  guy my age (20) talking about him quitting and how much it helped his life.

I don’t know how its possible but it seems like I have better memory. I think that because my confidence has skyrocketed, I trust my mind to remember things. Its kind  of like when you are in the shower you sing perfectly but in front of others you sing out of pitch. Confidence is the key to to unlocking your potential.

LINK – I thought I would be socially awkward forever.

By Chimichonga55