Age 20 – I used to have a secret agenda with women. But now it’s way different.

These last days something just changed my mind, I used to hate woman (they always play games, there are evil, they want to control all of us). But now is different, completely different.

Now I see woman as a sensitive humans that only want to be loved and understood. Because all guys want to only have sex with them, they only have barriers to protect themselves from that type of mans. But if a man has honestly and sincerity on his heart, women will love him forever.

Because a man, who loves women, is loved by women

I used to have a secret agenda with women, talking about cool stories, faking my personality to have sex and makeouts. Thinking the perfect way to dodge their barriers to get in to their pants. But is that winning?

Sex without love is like a glorified masturbation. Deep inside you, you feel loneliness and a bad feeling body.

Now I’m not searching sex, is not my unique objective, I want to share my fears, my feelings, I want to know all the world of that girl who is in front of me and have joy, fun and a deep connection with her.

There are bad days (no motivation, no want to talk to anybody, irascible…) and on the other hand there are days of joy and fun. The rollercoaster of emotions is real so just don’t fight to be  always on a good mood all the days because you can’t, so accept the bad days too as a part of the journey.

This community is awesome. Thank you for reading

LINK – Rebooting is working, there is a light at the end of the tunnel

BY – im spiderman