Age 20 – I’m now confident, charismatic, and enthusiastic about life. No more depression or anxiety

I really cannot believe I went from having to masturbate multiple times a day to going 180 days without masturbating once. Before Nofap I was a college dropout planning on going into the military because I had no other options.

I was sad 100 percent of the time, I was never happy, I thought I was happy sometimes but I was really just less sad every once in a while. I remember the first time I came across nofap, while I was searching for cures for my anxiety/depression. I thought Nofap was b.s but I tried everything else, so I figured why not. It was a huge struggle in the beginning but boy am I glad I gave Nofap a chance.

How have I changed in 180 days? I’m now confident, charismatic, and enthusiastic about life, I have way more energy, NO depression, NO anxiety, acne cleared up, mind cleared up, better relationships with people, and the list goes on and on. It’s like all the garbage that clouded my mind is gone and now all I am focused on is doing what is best for my well being, and what will make me happy.

What am I doing now? I am in the best shape of my life by far! I’m working two jobs (fencing and waiting tables). I am enrolled at college and will be getting back on the football and baseball field. I haven’t played baseball in a while, but I am on a summer team and am throwing the ball HARD, way harder and more accurately than I ever could

One last paragraph. As many of you know Nofap most likely isn’t going to cure everything in your life alone. Meaning you can’t just abstain from masturbating and continue all of your other bad habits. I cut way down on TV/Internet, started meditating more, hitting the gym harder, reading. Nofap made doing all of these things a lot easier for whatever reason. This is also just my experience with nofap, You may not have the same results as me. I think nofap is different for everybody. I feel like most of my issues were steamed around masturbation, which is why I have had such amazing results.

Good Luck Everybody!!!

LINK – 180 day report!

by MGMT011


UPDATE – I’m kicking Social Anxiety’s ass

This time last year I had huge struggles holding a conversation with anyone; especially strangers, this time last year I was set on being a construction worker or laborer for the rest of my life because I just couldn’t handle the social anxiety. I went to my university therapist and broke down in her office crying because of my social anxiety. I was an absolute mess! After about 9 months of nofap, a bunch of streaks including a 250 day streak; I can say that I am finally winning the fight against my social anxiety. My anxiety is not 100 percent gone yet, but its getting there. I now have the courage to go back to school in the fall. I just started a job at a gym as a marketer/sales associate, which is nothing but talking to people, and presenting what our gym does to people all day.

Last year I would not of been physically capable of doing this job I’m doing. Its still not easy but I can do it adequately. Which I am so proud of. The main reason I wanted this job so bad is because I know doing this job for a while will completely get rid of the last little bit of anxiety I have left.