Age 20 – it feels easy to avoid PMO, more energetic

I’m a 20 year old male. I’ve always been mentally strong willed. I’ve been going to the gym off and on for about a year. I’ve never smoked a cigarette, I quit smoking weed at the beginning of the year (math is hard when you’re high) and I barely drink alcohol. I’ve never really struggled with addiction, except for PMO. I made this account to share my story pre nofap, the beginning of my journey, and where I am now to hopefully keep nofappers from relapsing and to potentially [positively] change the way some of you live. I have social anxiety and I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl. I quit PMO back in the middle of June and have been lurking this sub ever since then (I made nofap my home subreddit on mobile). So without further ado, here’s my story.

When I used to (do PMO? I don’t know the proper usage but you get the idea) PMO, it was bad. Sometimes I would fap 3 times a day and I’d fap at least once a day everyday. It got so bad that I would remember pornstars names (and I could list at least 20-30) and eventually started looking at weird shit that I won’t get into. At some point or another I started realizing how much of a loser I was; jacking off into a toilet looking at a guy I wish I could be going to town on a girl I wish I could be with. So I decided to quit MO cold turkey, but not P. I still looked at P and for about 5 days I didn’t fap, then I found an old video I really liked when it resurfaced on a porn sub, and I relapsed. It made me feel like shit but I went back to the old fap routine for a little while. Eventually I told myself that I was never (PMO’ing?) again. So I remembered seeing nofap somewhere in the comments of reddit and I began my nofap streak.

I quickly learned about all of the basics, what PMO stands for, what superpowers are, cold showers, flatlines, wet dreams, etc. Something that’s different about my streak than other people’s is that I don’t count the days. I said to myself, “this is a lifestyle change, we’re done looking at porn and fapping. This isn’t an attempt to see how long I can go without PMO, this is happening.” Occasionally I saw some nips or girls wearing skimpy clothing but never porn. (I’m still a guy, nofap doesn’t mean I have to not see any beautiful women.) I never avidly searched for naked pics or anything more hardcore than that but occasionally something NSFW would appear on the front page and I’d look at it. I definitely started to feel more energetic towards the beginning of my streak and I loved how it made me feel. I began looking into people’s eyes and noticing when girls would look at me (because I didn’t look at the ground like usual). Cold showers have been great and I don’t take hot showers anymore. Somewhere along the way I learned about kegels and started doing those.

Now I’m somewhere near day 75 and it feels easy to avoid PMO because I’m used to it. If you couldn’t decipher it from above I’m still a virgin and I’ll tell you why. Increased dopamine levels feel great but social anxiety doesn’t just disappear. If you’ve been on nofap for a while, then you’ve probably seen how people say that nofap doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a gf/get laid, but rather that nofap just points you in the right direction. I’m still a virgin not because I couldn’t get laid if I tried to, but because I haven’t tried to. I’m a demisexual by nature. This means that I can’t feel sexually attracted to a girl unless I build an emotional connection with her first (go on dates, get to know her, date her first). There have been several opportunities for me to lose my virginity to a pretty face and nice body but that would be meaningless to me and I’d rather care about the person I’m fucking. You miss %100 of the shots you don’t take. I haven’t made a shot yet because I’m not worried about it at this point in my life. I want to get on my feet first and move out and support myself before I try to support somebody else. I’ve got plenty of life left at the age of 20. There were a couple of cute girls who I used to know but for one reason or another stopped talking to, so today I deleted them from my social media contacts (she’ll never talk to me and I’ll probably never talk to her so why are we still friends/following each other?).

Change your lifestyle, stop counting the days and choose to live differently. If you want to meet somebody for whatever reason, you have to go out and try. The worst part of any conversation with a stranger in my opinion, is the beginning. The energy you feel from nofap is so much better than the 5 seconds of pleasure you feel from fapping. Stay strong fapstronauts!!

TL;DR: Change your lifestyle, it will be difficult at first, but keep on pushing until you reach the promised land.

LINK – Just made a throwaway. My story to motivate you. Change your lifestyle.

by dumpstaSlamDunk