Age 20 – It has truly changed me for the better

3 months ago i decided to do nofap & it truly has changed me for the better. Better clarity, thinking… social anxiety & anxiety in general has gone down tremendously.

I’ve began working out & staying busy with other hobbies. I no longer over-sexualize women.. i have more emotions now, i have feeling again! If you need some motivation/tricks/tips or just have a question in general ask away! (I would post more about my experience with no fap- but feel as if much of it has been said before on this subreddit.. and i have a life i need to go live!)

[Reply to questions]

I definitely have sexual thoughts.. loads of them.. im 20 for Christs sake.. & they’re natural.. but i did notice my sexual thoughts/fantasies have changed from “hardcore” porn style fantasies of giant breasts & unrealistic sex to images to things that are much more mild.. such as romantic sex/cuddling with a crush.. or getting hot&heavy at the sight of (appropriate) cleavage or a nice butt on a woman.

Benefits come with time & only get better as time goes on. I’d say i had a better over all attitude at around a weeks time. I dont really remember my flat-line being too severe, but i did experience some symptoms of a flat-line.

I find it much easier to talk to people in general. If im trying to “game” on a woman, I obviously get a little nervous.. but it’ll soon fade.. i find it a lot easier to look people in the eye & walk tall.. ill stand up for myself a lot easier.. i also feel as if i am more social, wanting to hang with friends instead of be by myself in front of a computer.. I’m not where i want to be in terms of my “game” with the ladies, but this is a journey.. live and learn!

I used to be nice/friendly to women if they were hot. I saw them as good for one thing… sex. Now i see women as fully human & capable of being a person in my life that i just didn’t think about having sex with. This is very important to me.. how many great women did i miss out on meeting/being close friends with because of my past mind set.. sad!

I took it one day at a time. I never thought I’d see a number as high as it is on my counter currently. I kept myself busy mostly. new hobbies. & i think deep down i really, really wanted to change. & i also have a fear that if i relapse all my hard work & discipline will completely be wasted.

I would definitely say that getting out of the house more was a way to combat the urge.. maybe get out & go for a walk/jog or go hangout with some friends. They say the secret to breaking a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit..

I actually didn’t have any wet dreams. & I can’t figure out why I didn’t have any..