Age 20 – I’ve gone from someone who was emotional with anxiety to a driven, confident, unstoppable


The beginning half of my sophomore year in college was a shit show. I can’t remember too many of the specifics but a bunch of things happened to me which put me in a shit place for a while. I had low testosterone; I hadn’t lifted weights in months (I’m currently about to do my first physique competiton) and I started to become an anxious person.

I realized I needed to change and get back to where I was my freshman year when I started off with a bunch of confidence and was in the best shape of my life. Back then, I had all traits from one month of no PMO.

So from January on, here’s a breakdown on how I’ve changed since –

  1. I see porn as something that’s really pathetic as an industry and as a concept in general. It takes away from how we are primally; way back in the day when we didn’t have computer monitors that projected pixels that we masturbate to, we went out and sought mates. It was our instinct.
  2. I’ve gone from someone who was emotional with low test and anxiety to a driven, confident, unstoppable individual because of how much test my body is producing.
  3. It’s incredibly easy for me to connect with new people and make friends; my social anxiety doesn’t exist anymore and I was able to pull myself out of depression.
  4. Gains. I accidentally did a dirty bulk when I had the low test and got fat but muscular. Since I’ve cut down from 215-163lbs, I’ve dropped all the way to 9% bodyfat and I’m ripped as hell which is awesome for confidence and just living life healthy. My stamina is through the roof with any conditioning I have to do and my lifts are 405 for squat, 435 for deadlifts, and 245 for bench. Crazy numbers for someone cutting down for a physique competition.
  5. Girls. When I’m at parties, I feel as if I just give off a vibe and girls come and talk to me. Could be the looks but my confidence handles it well. I was just in a relationship for two months but after realizing I needed to focus more on the gym for my competition (she was fairly clingy and always tried to talk me out of going to the gym) and seeing we both had different life goals (she wanted to move to another country next year and wanted to do a LTR, wasn’t into fitness, kind of held me back), I left her.

I do [have sex]. You don’t feel drained afterwards like you do getting off to porn. It’s a lot different and in my honest opinion helps with rewiring the brain. The benefits stayed as well in my experience.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do last year. I was insecure and lost. NoFap and exercise definitely helped change my character for the better; I’m now in a transfer program at a community college to go to a big university that has an awesome program for my new major and have kicked off my fitness career by getting one of the best training certificates there is and am now a tier 2 personal trainer. I have a clear head and know what I want to do with my life once I complete uni.

Fight the urges. Get past week 1. It’s only smooth sailing from there, boys.

I’m 20. Never really got it tested; but here’s something.

Back in the first half of my sophomore year my voice was a bit high pitched and I could just tell I was suffering from it (balls weren’t full, really anxious, etc).

Now after abstaining from PMO my voice is a lot deeper and a lot of people note that and think I’m actually taking test boosters (lol).

Something that really did shoot my test up is I squat heavy every day. Sounds unbelievable but look up Cory Gregory Squat Every Day. It’s Bulgarian training and it’s my third time doing it. Been squatting heavy every day now for 5 months and it’s really made me push myself to become a beast. Test is through the roof – so many looks and approaches from girls (and guys but I’m straight lol) in the gym.

LINK – Almost 340 days, things I’ve noticed almost being at one year –

By RyansVibes