Age 20 – I’ve grown so much socially, drumming more confident and adventurous

Going through a stressful period in my life, and I haven’t felt this depressed since the last time I relapsed. It’s been a while. Here’s a couple random thoughts:

-Emotions are going a little out of control. When I said that I’ve not felt this depressed since I last relapsed, I’ve felt a LOT better on average and this is a new extreme low. Also, when I’ve gotten angry, pre-NoFap it was as hot as a cigarette lighter. Now, the shit’s gone NUCLEAR.

-Does anyone else find that what use to be their guilty pleasures makes them really uncomfortable. I used to watch some ecchi anime shit, and now the concept makes me feel like the anime industry thinks that people are a bunch of horny idiots, and it makes me feel sad…and unclean.

-It seems like a lot of benefits come from saving testosterone by not fapping. I’ve been trying to boost mine over a long period of time, and the guys over at The Art of Manliness have a fun article on how to boost it naturally. Check it out here

-I’ve grown so much socially over my time here. Not as some Casanova wannabe, but as an energetic motherfucker who’s not afraid to cut loose and be crazy in public. Sure, it won’t get me laid, but do I really care? Not really.

-Drummers, do you guys feel more confident and adventurous with your playing after doing NoFap for a bit? I started NoFap as a jazz/funk guy with some metalcore-ish chops. Now I can say with confidence that I’m a thrash metal drummer. I’m no Dave Lombardo, but I’ve made astronomical progress, and I’ve even gone into death metal and blastbeats. It’s fucking awesome.

-Sometimes, moments will occur when you get a urge and the pre NoFap mechanisms kick into gear, trying to get you to fap. What feels better than fapping? Shoving the urge back into the darkness and using the energy to fuel something more productive.

Currently 20 years old. Been doing NoFap since March of this year.

That’s all for this episode. Peace, bitches!

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by _TheInverse_