Age 20 – Less acne, more social, first girlfriend

Fapstronauts, I just hit 90 days- woooo! This is the second no PMO bout I’ve been on, last time I tried no PMO I hit 25 days and broke my streak one late horny night. Not going to lie, it feels good finally haven gotten here. Unfortunately, there’s a part of me that feels like the experience wasn’t as beneficial as I hoped it would be.

Things I have picked up since starting nofap: -Less acne than before -Don’t place women and any sex related thoughts on a pedestal anymore -More social despite being a introverted person all my life -Have a little more drive than before -First girlfriend and kiss had as a 20 year old (we broke up a month later sadly, doubt it was nofap but rather copious amounts of liqour @ a valentine’s day party I attended)

Things I still question: -Don’t feel like I have that many superpowers. I always read posts about no PMO being life changing, long time virgins getting laid, people having unstoppable drive and creating great habits, can’t say much of that has happened).

I still have a lack of action in my life. Finding all the motivation/inspiration I want to do things is easy, but they come and go like clouds. Sometimes I’ll be motivated to work on a new hobby I’ve been putting off, other days I’ll be like…meh . Was wishing no PMO would have helped me solidify some of these habits I hoped to have made 90 days in.

LINK – 90 days in, not sure how I feel

by dakarbmw02