Age 20 – Less depression and procrastination, way less anxious


I am 20. Benefits? Apart from the energy, I have less depressive states (on average), I can endure more problems, be more active without procrastinating. Also, I am way less anxious and I almost never shout or speak too fast. This also helped me in public or with friends.

Sexual objectification of women is still a problem, but I think it has more to be with my own points of view rather than PMO only, but indeed NoFap  helped me in this regard. It also was the catalyst for me to start learning many things and to wake up early.

The symptoms [that cuased me to try nofap] would have been, I think: feeling tired despite sleeping 11 hours a day, not having any motivation, my poor attitude towards women (I was too shy and at the same time I objectified them a lot), and the pure need to “cleanse” myself and see what I could do if I did ever stop the activities that held me back, like PMO, plus social media (Facebook, 100 days streak too) or gaming (33 and then my current 16 days streak on this one).

I had two wet dreams this night. However, I am feeling great and I have a lot more energy to study. Do NoFap guys.

LINK – 100 days

By NightReaper775


UPDATE  – This is why I do NoFap

Just after my grandma and I finished talking about random things, she said to me that she really liked talking to me, and that I was really good to talk to, because I am able to understand the other’s point of view and also to remain calm during any debate.

I felt great. I now understand the progress I made, I went from being an anxious person to being very much present in the situation, and then being capable of talking, discussing, studying, concentrating in certain tasks, etc. with a lot more energy and focus. As I see it, this is the great benefit of NoFap: mental clarity, inner peace, tranquility; to be like a little stream of water, but at the same time to push through everything with the power of a waterfall and the persistence of a river flow.

Do NoFap.