Age 20 – Mild ED gone, Less depression, Feel way more emotions, Take more risks


Wow, it’s been a crazy 2 year journey. I’m now 20m college student and it feels like only yesterday that I quit porn. I’m also about a year and a half into a nofap streak. Some noticeable improvements include

  • Less depression. Not sure if this is chemical, or because my life is much better now. I’m just a lot happier and confident.
  • Feel way more emotions (I used to never flinch or cry because I think porn desensitized me. now I find myself able to cry much easier or be surprised and overall just feel more)
  • More of a sexual being. now that I have no alternatives, I put myself out there and take more risks going for girls now and it often times work out.
  • I began this streak because the night i lost my virginity I had a lot of performance issues that I now ascribe to anxiety and whiskey dick. But at the time i thought i had PIED, finding this community. Now I have a regular sex partner and have much fewer issues.

Some tips.. find some good hobbies and limit ur time on the internet. I don’t play any video games or use facebook.

Make pornfree ur priority. nofap followed pretty easily for me once I got a couple months on my pornfree streak.

You have to want to quit bad. You have to convince yourself that this is so important. So when times get tough u can go back to your heart and know u want to quit.

Basically, NoFap changed my life – quit porn, work hard and achieve what you want / need. Start now.

LINK – two year report

by ftyhbvg