Age 20 – More confident, less brain fog

At the start it just sort of hit me that I was addicted to PMO and I decided to just stop doing it. I’ve had urges and I’ve been close to relapse a few times but I haven’t actually relapsed. I look back now and it seemed all so easy.

I feel more confident in average day-to-day interaction with women (though the goal of this was not to score chicks). I’m also doing more things I normally wouldn’t (like going out to parties and such).

Flatline has come and gone (as has morning wood and brain fog, though the latter is actually starting to subside now) and this is a huge positive. Brain Fog almost crippled me and my productivity just before I decided to get clean.

I’ve meditated only a handful of times and I haven’t gone to the gym or anything during this reboot. However, I will only ever take a cold shower now.

Am I doing it wrong? I know the day counter isn’t what determines progress of staying clean from a PMO addiction. However, the day counter has been incentive to keep going and not relapse at times. I would think to myself “Get to day 30 and see what happens” which then turned into “Get to day 90 and see what happens” and then day 100 and so on. So the day counter has been a nice way to keep the streak going baby steps at a time.

So I suppose there’s some advice/pointers for those who are looking for some. Also, the Panic button really helps and has a lot more useful material than most posts in this sub (no offence).

So that’s my report so far. I feel further away from Porn than ever and I certainly don’t feel like relapsing any time soon.

I’m 20. I was addicted to PMO since I as 11 (so around 8-9 years). When I first heard about this sub I thought “Nah, that’s not me. I can stop any time I want.” and then I did try to stop to prove it to myself. Then I realised I couldn’t. Next I thought “Well, it’s natural, every guy has urges you’re only a teenager after all”. I lurked on this sub for a while, but when I read the stories about ED and how the women are coerced into the industry I decided to have a serious attempt at quitting (25/4/2015).

LINK – I’ll hit 100 days tomorrow. Here’s a report so far.

by anon23970