Age 20 – More energy, less brain fog, confident

A Little Background Story
A success story is never complete without a background story. So, I’ll start here first. If you aren’t interested with this, feel free to skip right to the success story below.
I’m currently a 20 y.o. with a long history on PMO. I first looked at porn when I was 10 y.o. when a friend of mine showed me some porn pics of my favorite cartoon characters. At first, I was kind of disgusted. But as the time goes by and as I saw more and more of those pics, I started to enjoy it.
A couple of years later, I was already bored with those cartoonish porn and started to see pics of real people in bikinis and underwears. I haven’t known the M and O part of the PMO yet at that time. But I enjoyed the erection I had when I looked at those pics. (Yeah, I got an erection only by looking at pics of women in bikinis back then)
I saw my first porn video when I was 13 y.o. I guess. Back at that time, I was kind of disgusted with a “sex” video. But I enjoyed BJ and HJ videos so much. Still, I haven’t known M and O until a year later when I edged too much until I ejaculate. I remember the first time I masturbate I didn’t feel good. But I tried again and again until I get the enjoyment of masturbating and orgasming.
I wasn’t an addict until I was 16. But even then, I didn’t realize I was an addict. I didn’t think that all the brain fog and declination in intelligence and a problem in my fitness was the effect of PMO. I don’t think I had social anxiety back then.
The truth is I had dated only 2 girls in my whole life. But I’m still a virgin because I enjoyed PMO so much I never had sex with my exes.
But at the time, I only had 3-4 sessions in a week until when I was 17. I went to the college and that means it’s the first time I live on my own without my family. My addiction went out of control and I jacked everyday. By this time, I started to feel more problem because of PMO. I started to feel the social anxiety, my fitness and intelligence plunged, I started to fail at classes, etc. But I still haven’t realized my addiction back then.
Two months ago, I found out about this subreddit and read so much stories. Then, I realized that all of my problem came from my addiction towards PMO. But I didn’t start a change until a month ago when I decided enough is enough. I decided to try a 7-days trial on NoFap and I struggled because it was very hard. But I felt great after that, so I decided to try a 30-days trial. The struggle seems so much easier. Now after all of these benefits I felt, I decided to try a full 90-days reboot. Wish me luck!

The Success Stories
Now, I want to name a few changes I felt during the past 30-days. * No more brain fog! I feel much more intelligent, and I can absorb informations like a sponge! But I don’t know my performance in the class yet, school starts next week, so we’ll see!
* I have much more energy! Even though I haven’t started exercising, I can feel that I’m stronger and not easily tired anymore. Well, I’m going to sign for a gym membership tomorrow so we’ll see if it’s true.
* I’m more confident. Although my social anxiety isn’t gone yet, talking with people while looking at their eyes seems a lot easier. But, I’m still struggling talking to women right now.
* A lot more free time. Back then, I spent almost 3-4 hours a day PMO-ing. Now that I don’t PMO, I can spend those free time reading books I love and improving myself. I started to learn to play guitar this month!
* Morning wood is back! Back when I was an addict, my dick can’t seem to stand tall. I never got any morning wood also. But now, I can feel my dick erect harder and every morning I got an erection!
* Acne. This one is weird. While everybody else seems to stop having an acne after NoFap, I got 3 popped out when I started NoFap whereas I never had one in my entire life.

A Few Tips From Me
For you who are still struggling doing NoFap, I would like to share a few tips that made me this far.
* Do anything else when you feel the urges. For example, I always go to this sub when I feel the urge. Reading the stories made me want to keep on my streak.
* Take a warm shower. I know that this is a weird advice. But it worked best for me. A lot of people suggest taking a cold shower when you feel the urges. But I found that I get more horny when I soak myself in a cold shower.
* Exercise! Yeah I haven’t joined a gym yet. But I do some push-ups and sit-ups with my extra energy from skipping PMO. This will help you waste your energy you usually PMO with.
* Try not to think about PMO or NoFap. Sometimes I get an easier day when I don’t think about PMO or NoFap. By focusing my mind on something else, I don’t have to struggle to get PMO out of my mind. So, try to do and think about something else. It will make it a lot easier.

So, this is the end of my report. If you have any questions, just post it below and I’ll try my best to answer. Stay strong, mate!

LINK – 30-Day Hard Mode Trial Report

by Frektor


Okay, for those who want to know, this past 2 weeks were very difficult for me. Quizzes, Exams, Projects Deadlines, everything was coming and this week was the peak. In this week, I also happened to skip my of gym sessions and started eating unhealthy. There are a lot of mood swings also.
It was tonight that I feel so in need of a release my stress. So, I unconsciously decided to look around some NSFW subs, I got turned on and started to watch some porn vids. And then, I don’t know what happened but I started to edge, and after a few minutes, boom! I’ve relapsed.
All of my weight seems to be gone just after I relapsed. But that good feeling doesn’t last long. I started to feel very guilty and ashamed of myself. But, I don’t think that it will do any good for me, so I just moved on and start writing on this right away.
However, I realized that my 103 days were not wasted just because that one relapse a few minutes ago. I learned so many things along the way and I wanted to share it all with you guys. It’s not about the super powers (although yes, they are real), it’s about what could bring my guard down and what could I do to prevent myself from relapsing.

What Makes Me Wanna Fap Well, I noticed some patterns when I feel the urge to fap. The urge is usually caused by any of the following:
* Boredom. When I’m bored, I usually end up browsing through reddit and then went into some NSFW subs. And yes, it would make the urges high as fuck.
* Loneliness. I noticed that I never had urges when I’m around people. But when I’m lonely in my room, the urges will start to come and trick you.
* High Level of Energy. When I work out, I tend to use almost all of my energy. Therefore, I would have no energy left to fap. But when I started skipping work out sessions, my energy would be there waiting to be released.
* Porn. I think this is the most obvious. But what makes it dangerous is it’s everywhere, we only don’t realize it. You better stay away from anything that arouses you.
* Stress. Yeah, this is what happened tonight. When we are stressed, we tend to look for an escape. And sometimes we consider that no fap is the best way to escape. (Although it really isn’t)

What Can You Do to Prevent Yourself from Relapsing
Now that we know what brings us the urges, we could find a way to deal with them.
* Keep yourself busy. This way, you would never get bored. You would never have a time to even think about PMO. Try to find something to learn, or try to just create anything. Whatever it is, try to keep yourself busy so there’s no room for PMO in your mind.
* Go out there! Stay out from your room, especially if you are lonely. Being alone in the room is one of the most dangerous thing to do when you’re trying to go NoFap. Try to socialize and hang out with your friend or enjoy your time alone walking to the park.
* Work out. This is to make sure that your energy is used in the right way. If you work out, you would never have enough energy to even think about fapping. This would also make you get in shape and get healthy!
* Take a shower. Yes, it helps a lot. Whenever you feel the urge, go take a shower. Hot or cold, find what works best for you. Some people said that cold shower turns them off while the other said it turns them on.
* Get up and drink a glass of water. This one is also very helpful to suppress your urges.

Today could have been my 103rd day with NoFap