Age 20 – More respect for women, Weird fetishes have disappeared

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I started the nofap journey a couple of years ago, but never managed to make it over 3 weeks until this streak. Before the beginning of college, I decided to stop wanking it all together until I have a reason to continue. I’ve gained so much from this so far that I’m definitely going to keep going. I don’t even mind not masturbating. Life is great. Some things I have noticed:

  • Girls notice me and are a lot more interested
  • I also am more interested in girls
  • People just won’t believe that I’m introverted because the way I act
  • Started meditation, one of the best decisions of my life after nofap. What a combo. Wow.
  • 95% less brainfog
  • My decisions are a LOT better. I have a better intuition now for some reason
  • Weight loss is quite easy, I’m getting to my goal weight before next year!
  • For some reason, I look more muscular too.
  • Huge difference in beard gains, I can now actually grow a mustache!
  • I have way more time now since masturbation simply isn’t on my mind anymore
  • Flatlines happen, but they make me feel smarter and more influential (sometimes I feel like a zen god, haha)
  • Better posture, body language and confidence (let say, approx. 75% better)
  • More respect towards women. Weird fetishes have disappeared because of that.
  • I had too high standards and they’ve dropped to reasonable levels now. Thank god for that.

Okay, all that sounds like total bullshit, I know. Nofap is NOT a miracle. It will just make it a LOT easier to improve yourself. Something just keeps me alerted and going. Like a voice, but not a literal one. A force that forces me to better myself, until I am completely happy with myself.

Not only did my weird fetishes vanish, my standards also dropped for women. I respect women way more too. They aren’t just pieces of meat anymore. Because of porn, my standards were WAYYYYY too high.

tl;dr: Nofap helped me get the cogs moving again. It is a huge motivation boost, a daily reminder that best things in life require work.

LINK – Here’s some notes after 121 days. Stopping masturbation WILL help you with achieving your goals.

By 33ro