Age 20 – More self confidence, I am a lot more open, No more objectifying women

I did the 90 days challenge hard mode, no porn, no masturbation, no edging, no “orgasming” on purpose. I’ve had a couple wet dreams which I can’t control. My benefits by doing this challenge:

  • I’ve gained a lot of self control I felt like I could resist anything anytime.
  • I have a girlfriend now.
  • I gained more self confidence.
  • A lot more attention from people in general (not necessarily from girls)
  • I am a lot more open to anyone, I tell more personal struggles and people are helping me with it. 
  • No more objectifying women like they are just for sex.

I have build up a great relationship without sex so far and we became like soul mates to each other. We have planned a date to have sex, and discover every great thing about sex with each other from scratch, she is still a virgin and my last time was about 3 years ago now.

I also had a couple of negative sides to this:

  • I have became a lot more aggressive, even though I know I shouldn’t be.
  • Obsessive thinking, even though it could benefit for some things it doesn’t to others.
  • Mood swings

Why did I relapse on purpose? Well, I did it because I want to start a new chapter, I am done paying attention to nofap, I know I can do it a lot longer without even noticing, it became a lifestyle to me instead of a battle or challenge. I am saying goodbye to nofap and goodbye to masturbation. It is time to move on and live on, I am no longer tempted to look at porn and masturbate.

Good luck to y’all fellas, And thank you for making me a different person. Maybe see you again in the future, you never know.

LINK – 90 days hard mode, relapsed on purpose just now. Time to do another … days easy mode.

by throwdown232134