Age 20 – More social & confident, Better posture, More attention from women, I love myself and feel better about life, Starting to not sexualize women


20 years old, virgin, somewhat social anxiety, started P and M when I was 13 and since then I watched porn and masturbated every day and felt like I couldn’t go to sleep unless I had a release. Porn topics got weirder and weirder as time went by and I started watching some really freaky stuff.

Why I Started: The reason I started NoFap was because I felt like I wasn’t doing enough in my life and felt as if I were really slacking. All my friends would be out having fun while I would be too tired and just didn’t have the motivation to do anything. All I wanted to do was eat, beat, and sleep. I turned 20 in December and that is when I knew that I needed to turn my life around because I’m getting “old” now and what I was doing was not cutting it. I started NoFap on December 31st, 2015.

NoFap: The first week was pretty easy, was able to go through without touching myself or having any urges. Started walking out and drinking more water and I felt better already so I decided to go a second week.

  • Second week I had 2 wet dreams on day 11 and 14 throughout those days I felt very weak and don’t have any motivation, didn’t go to the gym for a couple of days but still drunk more water.
  • Third week is when the urges really started hitting strong I was able to fight them and took on more activities such as going outside, doing some work, playing piano, and cleaning my room. I started cold showers which I now do every day, I bought my own weight sets and lift every morning, and i started meditation.
  • Fourth week I had the strongest urge of my life and contemplated PM’ing but I took control of myself, took a cold shower, and the urge was gone!!
  • Fifth week Until today: I’ve had about 5 more wet dreams since the second week. I have felt many, many, many benefits that I will list below. I have come out of my shell and overcame social anxiety and began to talk to many more people have hang out and have fun in life. After today I plan on going another 90 days.

Learned: Watching porn and masturbating takes up so much time out of your life that you could spend doing something productive and bettering yourself. NoFap does NOT give you superpowers, because you already have them, you just don’t see them because you’re too busy with PMO. Life is short and I need to go and live life to the fullest because I’ll never know when my time is up. There is so much more to life than PMO, the possibilities are endless and you can find something new everyday.

Benefits: More social, more confidence, better posture (some people say i got taller), A lot more attention from women, I love myself and feel better about life, I’ve gotten stronger and I’m able to lift more, I can make solid eye contact, I have more authority, deeper voice and speak louder and clearer. I have more will power and self control. I can stand up for myself and cut out toxic people in my life. Starting to not sexualize women. I LOVE MYSELF.

Outcomes: I make my bed in the morning, I clean my room and fold my clothes and hang them up, I drink more water and hardly any soda, I read books and read at least a chapter a day, I use to listen to extremely loud music in my headphones and I’ve cut the noise down by half, I’m taking cold showers every day, breathing through my nose instead of my mouth, Lay on my back instead of stomach now, I’m learning to play piano and ride a unicycle, I now wake up around 9:00 am instead of after 12:00 pm, I work out every morning, Eating healthier food, and bettering myself everyday.

Conclusion: NoFap has helped lead a better life and I am bettering myself each and every day. I feel better about life and I know I am able to do anything that I put my mind to. Main takeaway is that NoFap does not give you superpowers because you already have them, they’re just being held behind PMO. Never give up and stay strong.

If anyone needs any help or have any questions let me know! I want ALL of you to walk with me through the journey of more success!

LINK – Day 90 Report: NoFap Does NOT give you SuperPowers…...because you already have them.