Age 20 – Much more confident, No more social anxiety, Can talk with girls without being stressed, maintaining eye contact with everybody, and much more


For me NoFap was life changing experience. I was shy and easily embarrassed because I used to sit in my home on computer watching porn and masturbating and NoFap gave my energy and motivation to change my life. I started to going out more, hanging out with friends, started working out, today I’m going on my first MMA workout with my friend and I’m excited about it 😀

I don’t count days anymore after 40+days,I only have NoFap badge counter but don’t need it no more. For me it becomes a life style. I will keep my energy within me and use it to become better than I’ve ever been.

I experienced many benefits and I’ll post some of them for motivation: 

  • looking healthier and more handsome
  • started eating healthier
  • energy level is over 9000 and its stable through all day
  • much better stamina
  • more confident than I’ve ever been before
  • no social anxiety
  • can talk with girls without being stressed
  • maintaining eye contact with everybody

And much more… It’s really worth it to try. I going to start meditating and harnessing my sexual energy to keep my energy levels high and to calm me. Thank you to everybody on this subreddit and YBOP. Reading this subreddit and YBOP success stories helped me to go through urges and overcome them.

I’m 20 yrs old. I’ve watched porn for ~6 years. I quit because I’ve noticed that PMO’ing is only waste of my time and energy and I was feeling down because of this, also read a lot of positive benefits from people who had rebooted and I’ve never experienced them so I wanted to give it a try and these people weren’t lying 🙂

Thank you for reading this far and good luck to every fapstronaut 🙂

LINK – 90+ Days NoFap

by nofgiven