Age 20 – No more PIED. OCD/Anxiety down 95%, Clear mind, More social. Libido & manhood levels are up 5000%

On August 8, I will be 6 months clear of PMO. Here’s a couple things I’ve noticed: 1) I’ve never had such a clear mind. I can focus like I never have and am doing WAY better in school.

2) I’m present in the moment, and not lost in a fog. As a result I’m much more active and engaged in my surroundings.

3) I have a huge drive to be social, and can actually be fully engaged and focused on a conversation now.

4) OCD/ Anxiety down 95%. These symptoms are much easier to manage now or are completely gone altogether.

5) I have a much clearer picture of women. Objectification way down, feel like I have a clear idea of the girl I want to be with.

6) I am much more emotionally stable and aware. Feel very consistent emotionally.

7) I am so much more aware of the objectification of women in our society. Before I wouldn’t bat an eye at a “sexy” ad, and now I can’t believe how much of it is ALL over the place. This has caused me to stop watching TV, remove face book etc. It makes me sick honestly.

8) Energy levels, libido, manhood levels are up 5000%. I’ve never felt better than I do right now

Heres some other things I strongly advise:

1) DO NOT REGULARLY MO AFTER 90 DAY CHALLENGE IS COMPLETE. This will constantly be “lighting up” your PMO brain circuits and will severely dampen or reverse recovery.

2) If you are a partier/ drinker, take at least a month off of drinking or doing drugs/ tobacco/ whatever. This really helped to clear my mind, reduce anxiety, and get a clear grip on my recovery.

3) Steer clear of unnecessary internet/tv/anything with advertisements. Our culture sprays us with sexual images EVERYWHERE. Women’s bodies are used constantly to sell products. The less of this you see, the better your recovery.

I have never been so happy and clear minded ever in my life. NEVER will I ever think about PMO again. I hope this motivates some of the younger guys on here. Getting off of PMO will completely change your life if you have the discipline to follow it.

LINK – Coming up on 6 months clean…

by NoneForMeThanks



I made a thread a few weeks ago about my recovery approaching 6 weeks ( ). It seems from then and now my recovery has gotten 10x better.

I finally met a beautiful young lady not too long ago. Shes fantastic. And for the first time in months/ years I’m entering into a healthy relationship where I’m actually set up for success. I’m emotionally sound, sexually “reset”, confident, and really eel I have a lot to offer. In fact, we both do.

But the biggest improvement which I can guarantee, which is why I joined this community, was no P induced ED. It was the most glorious sight I’ve ever seen, and needless to say I am FUCKING STOKED that this will no longer be an issue for me, or atleast I have made significant improvements in that area…

Here’s what I want to say to the newbies, everyone needing encouragement.


Yes it takes discipline. Yes its difficult. Yes it may take a long time.

But NEVER let any of these things become obstacles for you. The 6 months I’ve put into this reboot is NOTHING compared to the rest of my life. I want to have a successful marriage. I want to be healthy sexually. I WANT TO BE HEALTHY!

Put your damn foot down. Get focused. Get motivated. Get this shit done. Because i’m here to tell you fellas. I had little hope I would recover and live a normal life. Ill be honest. But I believed in the reboot process. And here I am sitting at “the end of the tunnel” screaming KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. IT GETS BETTER.

The reboot was my only hope to have a normal sexual life. And the experiences Ive had with this girl are not only emotionally rich and deep, but convinced me that P is the dumbest, shallowest, stupident waste of time in the whole universe. The real thing is so much more undeniable better for so many reasons I would never even imagine going back to P.

I want everyone in this community to get to where I am now. I’m here for everyone who needs help, motivation, advice, anything. I want to help you. I want to eliminate P addiction.

Get it moving brothers. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.