Age 20 – NoFap really does change your life

After failing and failing again, I finally got to myself and said “this is the last time I will fap.” And here I am, 1 month later, and on track as that was the last time I did the dirty deed.

A little bit of background. I am a 20 year old college student, who has a part time job at a sports company. Even though my job was part time, I was still very busy, and I was wasting the precious (little amount of) time I had masturbating, instead of going to the gym, or reading a book, or hanging out with my buddies.

I’ve noticed quite a few things. Before NoFap, I couldn’t talk to girls. Like, at all. Even waitresses. They’d ask what I wanted to order, so I’d quickly order my item then shuffle them the menu, proceeding to look back at my phone. Another example is I’d go to a cashier, and hope that the guy ones were open, since I wasn’t such an awkward putz towards my own gender versus girls. One time I was standing there as the lady was ringing up my items. One of the items wasn’t ringing up, so I just told her to get rid of it, and kinda looked down as if I couldn’t talk to her like a normal person.

Now, I’m much more interactive, when females make small talk, I have an actual conversation instead of the generic “good” or “it’s fine” when they’re asking how my food is, or if I’m asked how a pair of clothes fits, or other shit. You get my point.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I am getting physically healthier. I was working out before NoFap, just not as much. I was eating until I couldn’t eat anymore. There was something I saw on r/LPT that you should “eat till you are no longer hungry, not full.” I took this tip and realized that you didn’t have to finish everything on your plate. Leaving just a little bit is better than leaving nothing at all. I’ve been going to the gym a lot more, noticing that I can bench more, curl more, and have more stamina when running. It used to take me about 20 minutes to run a mile. Now, I run 1.5 miles in 15 minutes, which is huge progress. I’ve actually lost about 13 pounds (which sounds unhealthy, but at my weight, it’s needed) over about a month and a half period.

NoFap really does change your life. After the first week, it was pretty much smooth sailing for me. Sure, I get an urge here or there, but just ignoring it really does make it go away. Thanks guys for reading this, and I’ll get back to y’all in a month.


LINK – NoFap- First Month Report

by FabulousNotFapulous