Age 20 – Nofap Works.

Who I am:

  • A normal 20 year old guy
  • Not much luck with girls
  • Socially anxious, insecure ect.

What happened to me yesterday:

Looking at my phone just by myself in the mall I hear a girl say “hey!” I look up, standing there is this beautiful blonde girl, she says “this is for you,” hands me a note and walks away. On the note it says: “Christina ###-#### Call Me :)”

Why this probably happened:

  • Nofap 28 days (Acne gone, Eyes look better, Better posture)
  • Working out 1 hour a day for 20 days (Feel great, Noticing definition in arms and jaw)
  • Eating healthy and no soda (Better skin, Mood increase)
  • Brushing teeth twice daily and flossing (Nicer smile)
  • Skincare routine (Clean/smooth/healthy looking skin)
  • Meditation (Less anxiety->Happier->No acne)
  • Coldshowers (Increased blood flow->More energy)

LINK – Nofap Works

by FeliciaTheGoat_