Age 20 – Noticed a profound change in me

A little background: I live in India, a student of Law and Music. I used to fap 2-3 times a day. Improved my life a hell lot after NoFap. I now Journal, Run long distance, Cycle, Meditate, Read a lot more, Learn Mixed Martial Arts, Photograph (, Blog ( and have become a person living an awesome life.

Eye-opening change: Today, I entered my building on my motorbike, and I saw this super-cute girl entering the building, walking. I have talked to her once (thanks to NoFap) and I know she’s my age and a Student of Medicine. I quickly parked my motorbike to rush and hopefully catch her in the elevator to get to talk to her. I had it in my mind to say, “Hey doctor! How are you?” As I parked and literally ran, I saw the elevator had already left.. Damn it! But then on introspection, I realized how much I have grown. The old me would have waited till she went away, got into the elevator alone and fapped after I got home. But not anymore. I now want to talk to girls, to get to know them, to form great relationships with people, friendships and maybe a great romantic relationship that shall last!

Keep up the fight friends, we who want to succeed are halfway there, we just have to keep fighting.

TLDR; Feel an urge to talk to girls and get to know them on a deep level!

LINK – Noticed a profound change in me! (20 y.o. Male)

by gauravae86