Age 20 – Old self: Emotions felt completely dull & empty. It never crossed my mind to think of women in a genuine manner.


90 days of hardcore Nofap. To be honest I think making this post is a lot harder than I had planned so I’m just going to speak out my mind. Background Info: 20 yr old, Virgin, Never had a gf. Before nofap I was a constant porn user. I would even go as far as saying that I was an addict. Everyday at least 2 hours was spent PMOing and I was completely oblivious so what I was doing to myself.

I even had multiple sex toys that I would use during my PMO sessions. Pathetic, I know.. Damn, even this had a direct relation to everything that was going on in my life.

  • My emotions felt completely dull and empty. I felt like I was a walking robot. Of course I would feel the occasional happy, sad, mad feelings but it seemed to be within a border that wouldn’t be dared to cross
  • Every time I saw an attractive girl all I could associate that thought was with porn and the imagery that I had in my head. It never crossed my mind to think of women in a calm and genuine manner. It seemed almost impossible at the time
  • My workouts would be greatly hindered since I would tire myself from PMO and I would be too exhausted to even lift myself off the bed
  • Health was another issue since I never thought critically about what I ate. I always felt tired along with that brain fog that I had. I always complained about my fatigue and my body and face clearly showed this.

I stumbled across Nofap in late 2014 when I read an article about a guy who was doing a 100 day challenge. Of course being my naive self I saw this as something impossible to accomplish. Little did I know that I was in for one of the greatest changes in my life.

Starting 2015 I joined this subreddit and read many posts of people doing the 90 day challenges. Of course I hit the relapse.. alot. Prior to 90 days, my previous records were 15, 23 and 62.

Now I won’t go into full detail on the changes I went through this year but here is a breakdown of the new changes I went through during my 90 day run:

  • Became more conscious about my health. Cut out junk food and adjusted my diet
  • Got a heavy bag with equipment and started boxing
  • Started to learn martial arts
  • Doing a lot more hiphop dancing
  • Lost nearly 20 pounds from all the physical activities (achieved goal of having abs)
  • Frequent Meditations (Gained a sense of mindfulness)
  • Definitely a lot more social
  • Cold showers every day. I live in Canada so winters make cold showers a lot more cold.. eh!!
  • Cut out video games unless I play side-by-side with my friends or at a gaming tourney (Smash bros melee!)
  • Emotions are more intense than they have ever been. When I feel happy I experience euphoria and triumph over the world. When I feel sad the burden of the world presses against my body and when I feel mad I experience the wrath of kratos as it covers my mind. (Obviously I’m exaggerating but you get the point lol.)
  • Women are just people like you and I. They’re breathing, eating shitting creatures like the rest of us and that’s why it’s good to see them for who they are, people not objects. Porn has shifted my mindset soo badly that I couldn’t look at a girl without feeling some sort of regret or insecurity. Now I can confidently talk to a girl or anyone and experience the tuning of emotions as rapport is being developed between us. It’s exhilarating and a great experience.

Probably the biggest change I went through this year was the concern for my future. This sense of discipline forced me to think about who I want to become in this life. My wet dreams turned to dreams of me leaving my comfort zone and experiencing the world for what it is. I’ve never experienced this concern for myself in so long and I simply don’t want to settle for the mere things in life anymore. I want to achieve greatness.. if I’m able to reach 90 days and able to create a tremendous impact on my life, then who is to say that I can’t aim for higher things in this life? The only one who can do that is myself.

I was at the bottom of the well with no feeling of hope or feelings at all. Now I feel that fear and that fear is what fuels me to move on with courage.

If not for the willingness to change, I would still be that boy who just stayed home masturbating to pixels instead of using that time to better himself.

I’m like many of you who were filled with doubt in the very beginning. Look at yourself and realize that

“If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

-Bruce Lee

So that’s my report.

As always NoFap nation, stay classy. Not flashy.

LINK – Day 90 report..

by Jatanoma