Age 20 – Overcame social anxiety, tons of new relationships, highest GPA of my life

Last paragraph is about oversleeping. I am now 6 months in, experiencing the best times of my life. I’ve accomplished so much in this time including

  • finding a new job by myself (and kicking ass at it)
  • overcoming social anxiety
  • achieving the highest GPA of my life (mechanical engineering student)
  • going to the gym 5 days a week (lost 15 lbs)
  • making/building tons of relationships with friends
  • controlling sexual thoughts/imagery about girls I meet

I love NoFap and the discipline I’ve gained from it, but I am still struggling with wet dreams. I can’t figure them out. I don’t count them as relapses, but I mentally/physically feel like I just relapsed when they occur. About me.. before NoFap I had a strong fetish for a certain type of porn that I have been actively getting rid of. Sometimes I fantasize about this, but not nearly as much. Anyways my wet dreams are always about these dirty taboo fantasies, sometimes I have naughty dreams about normal sex, but the wet ones are always about this fetish.

My last six wet dreams all have one thing in common. They have all occurred during instances of oversleeping. That is: waking up at a reasonable time and then going back to sleep again for an extra hour or two. I never have these fetish dreams during normal sleep, but if I decide to be lazy and go back to sleep after I wake up, I will almost always have some sort of fetish dream that leads into a wet dream. I find this very disturbing as one of my NoFap goals is to completely let go of this porn-induced fetish (it is not something I had before porn). However, I think it makes sense. Oversleeping is literally binging on sleep. I notice that binging on video games or other dopamine releasing activities leaves me with urges. I think that the oversleeping and dopamine are highly related and my brain is deciding to release even more dopamine through playing out fetish induced fantasies during this peak of dopamine binging during oversleep. Not to mention, when I oversleep (regardless of wet dreams or not), I feel sluggish and like I’m stuck in 2nd gear throughout the entire day. The term for this feeling of grogginess is called sleep inertia and I notice my urges and anxiety are highest during this. I hope at least someone can relate or provide some helpful insight to what I am experiencing.

tl;dr NoFap is awesome, but I have sleep issues. When I oversleep (wake up and go back to sleep for a couple more hours) I ALWAYS have a wet dream, and my last six wet dreams have occurred this way. These wet dreams are ALWAYS about a porn-induced fetish that I thought was behind me.

LINK – Wet Dreams from Oversleeping Phenomenon – Sleep Inertia

by TheLoneWanderer365



They are actually! Faster than I’d thought. I’ve already made some new friends and have been spending a lot more time out of my room.

About me.. I’m 20 years old and on my third year of college studying mechanical engineering. And actually, I was super popular in high school and don’t remember anxiety AT ALL until around senior year. I basically knew everyone and hung out with upperclassmen as a froshie, I hung out in EVERY social circle. BUT I don’t remember really having any relationships or girls. I think that was because I discovered internet porn in the 6th grade and it killed my desire for real girls. I believe it hindered me over the years before finally catching up to me as I escalated into darker porn. I believe it’s the root of my anxiety as I started to develop it in my later years of high school. I don’t even talk to really any of my high school friends anymore 🙁 Getting back in touch with them is another goal of mine I plan to see through when I’m home from college during break.

Btw I think whether you’re old or not is up to you. I think it’s all a mindset. Well I guess that’s what a young person would say haha. I do appreciate your wisdom though. It’s some of the best I’ve had in a long while. Thank you.