Age 20 – PIED cured after 6 months, girlfriend, more energy, deep voice


Excuse my english i’m a french man. I’m now in this no pmo shit for one year. I’m 20 and since i was 12 years old i watched porn and fapped to it once a week. I was a low testosterone weak guy with a baby face. i decided that i must do sth and i searched all the things that could rescue me from the situation.

I found things to increase testo and semen retention. I did everything that i read on the internet: Cold showers after resistance workout , Fasting , stop sugar , stop soda , taking creatine and d vitamin and drinking a lot of water.

I got PIED and after 90 days it was not cured . 6 month of no pmo gave me erections from real women. I want to say that superpowers are real and semen retention increase androgen receptor density so your body can use more testo to improve your body.

But i started taking accutane and was pretty tired everyday . I don’t know if it has lowered my testo because i was tired, thats all , i had good erections and good results in the gym . Im with a girl now and i dont talk to girls of my class because they all go to the disco and smoke hookah etc every week.

I can say that pheromones are real because i have a wild body odor , its like a camembert (french cheese). Im in shape but not a good looking man . And i noticed that when a girl is starting flirting with me i”ve always the weird body odor when i go to sleep after school i discover it easily.

I can say that superpowers are real because:

-I gained muscle ,Im a hardgainer ectomorph and went from 147 lbs 11 % body fat (january 2016) from 165 lbs 9 % body fat (october 2016)

-Im more social with people , even people i dont like (not hate)

-More energy in gym(Even with accutane)

-Deep voice

-Some women eye fucking me every day .

Now , i read that no pmo is encouraging our bodies to increase manliness to attract women because it thinks that you re useless with them. I think i have delayed puberty from pmo and want to know if my beard and penis (Father and grandfather have big ones lol) will develop .

I shave by beard since im in no pmo and i noticed that the follicles are developing well . And have an average penis size , had a really little one in 2015 .


By by Epureanu