Age 20 – PIED cured. Have a bit of premature ejaculation

I have experienced many of the same issues as other users have posted and would be happy to share my story and my knowledge.  However, I am also reaching out for help in another sense, that being premature ejaculation as a result of stopping pmo.  I will share my experience for anyone looking for insight or willing to help.

I did not discover my porn induced ED after my first sexual experience in which I could not get it up, but rather after the two subsequent times that followed.  I had always believed it was because I was too drunk, but upon the third try and much research online I was convinced.  Eight years of daily masturbation and no sexual experiences had me thinking I was extremely set back, even more so than most others experiencing the same problem. The disappointing fact was that I was completely oblivious to this even after two attempts. 

I committed to stopping and during my 120 days I hit the following milestones (if you can call them that…):

  • wet dreams for the first time in my life around week 2 and 3.  Subsided entirely after a month.
  • morning wood for the first time in as long as I can remember after about 2 weeks.  Subsided in unison with the wet dreams but remain about once or twice a week
  • my first sexual experience with a girl in which i was able to get an erection.  Around the 40 day mark, the erection was very solid during foreplay but faded randomly.  When she helped by means of a hand job it was not erect at all.  After more foreplay she tried again and was slightly more successful, though not hard enough for penetration. To make it worse my weak erection and her assistance led to completely unplanned ejaculation.  I also would like to add that this was a sober encounter and I feel like she legitimately liked me even after the incident (she was very understanding). The relationship would likely have continued if  it weren’t for my shame and embarrassment, I essentially just stopped talking to her.
  • I was able to keep from porn quite well by staying busy with work and vacation, only giving in a couple times.  At this point I was around day 90 and drunkenly met a girl who took me back to her apartment.  After a little effort on her part I was able to get about a 70% erection and penetrate her (for the first time in my life).  However, upon penetration I nearly immediately ejaculated.  I convinced myself it was because I wasn’t entirely healed and would give it another month.
  • Day 120 and I was able to get nearly a 100% erection, however my penis was extremely sensitive.  I am uncircumcised and if I even pulled back the foreskin while erect I could feel the sensation.  10 seconds of even light masturbation would lead to ejaculation. 
  • It is now approaching day 140 and I am in the same situation.  I know for a fact that if I meet a girl and attempt to penetrate her I won’t last ten seconds.  I have looked into ways of curing PE and many suggest different forms of masturbation, something I am weary to try as it was the root of my problems.  I caved today and watched porn with a very solid erection.  I would not even touch it at all and would have to hold back ejaculation.  I watched a porn video and without even touching my penis eventually had to run to the washroom because I had ejaculated. I feel that I am trying to convince myself that this may be a way to build stamina, though I know that is probably a bad idea. 

So what I ask of anyone else experiencing similar problems, is what should I do?  After 140 days I am confident I can get an erection.  But is simply continuing to not use porn and masturbation going to cure my PE?  I am essentially in the same predicament I was with my porn induced ED – unable to have any sort of sexual relation. I believe it could be cured by regular sex with a girl. Obviously I would have to start with only entering her and trying not to cum.  But with baby steps I think slow progression could be made.  However the chances of that happening are slim.  Being a college student our lifestyle is party every weekend, and though I have luck with girls at the bar (though I have to avoid sex) I do not have much luck with girlfriends.  I have never been in a steady relationship and I believe my PMO and now PE are the cause of this. Sorry for the life story… but if anyone can shed some light on the situation I would be greatly appreciative.  Also, if anyone has questions regarding the rebooting period I would be happy to help.

LINK – Successful reboot resulted in PE

BY – Anon

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