Age 20 – PIED gone in 4 months


I was watching too much porn and feared having erectile dysfunction, which created a fear for meeting women. The amount of time, frequency and genres of porn got worse as time went on from age 14 to now (20). i had a sexual encounter with a girl my age where i realized i was victim to porn induced erectile dysfunction and some time later discovered nofap and figured the porn had to stop.

Once i stopped and had energy, time, a clear mind and motivation i changed my gym routine, diet, social life etc to yesterday where i had sex for the first time.

I was fapping at 14 and started nofap at 19 Since beginning nofap I have:

  • gone through the interviews to attain a well paying job
  • able to fall asleep at a healthy time and stay alert through the day
  • lost 25kg and am looking much better
  • socialising with friends and am no longer playing online multiplayer games (LoL and DotA)
  • commiting to the gym 6 days a week which includes flexibility, mobility and meditation
  • commiting to meal prep and living off of my own food
  • lost my virginity and didn’t suffer from porn induced erectile dysfunction (to a 49 year old milf which is the dream as of last night)

Nofap didn’t drop all of these attributes on my lap but rather gave me the time/energy/mentality/balls to actualy achieve something in life rather than fooling myself into commiting ambition and life goals to a computer game and disgusting porn.

Thank you nofap community for all of the help through the tuff times

(Note my longest streak was 21 days, and on average my other streaks were 3 to 4 days so don’t think relapsing is the end of the world)

i went to the gym for 3 years, dieted the past 9 months, started nofap 4 months ago, quitted gaming and socialized more 1 month ago

LINK – I am no longer the same person

By -popo-