Age 20 – PIED healed


[Background:] Well, my experience : i am 20, i date with a girl and … yes, my penis did not get hard, i am a lot frustaded, the reason? when i went home… he got hard, and she was not the first woman that i dated and that happened

Tthat made me a trauma, i officially stopped to watch this garbage since 27/02/17, and i will not, ever, see this shit again for 90 days,

i made my word here, if you are reading this 3 months after i wrote, answer this comment and i will confirm if i did or not, sorry for my english mistakes, i am from Brazil.

[3 months later]

Wow, impressive, THAT CHANGED MY LIFE! i did it, i stayed 50 days without it, but the testosterone was very high

I was with a lot of sexual desire, so i dated a woman and was impressive, was perfect,

and today i can masturbate, but without watch porn. I have 2 choices to do, or i masturbate without porn or i date a woman,

i can say that on these 3 months i only dated 1 woman and masturbate without porn 2 times,

do it and you will see the difference in your life.


By PM Boy