Age 20 – Quit biting my nails, got a girlfriend, better mood

Never in my life I thought I could do this, when I came across no fap I never had any intentions for it I just thought: Lets see how long I can last for. That’s it.

I am going to make a list with the things I never thought I could achieve with just quitting jerking off.

  • I have gained a fair amount of confidence in myself.
  • I have quit a really bad nailbiting habit
  • I am way more focused on the things that I do
  • I got a lot of compliments on my looks lately
  • I am not afraid to speak out on my personal problems anymore
  • I gained a ridiculous amount of self control (I controlled my depression, anger and overall mood changes)
  • My personal hygiene is a whole lot better.

And last but not definitely least, I have a girlfriend now!

At this point, I am going to make a promise to everyone here. I AM NEVER GOING TO FAP AGAIN.

LINK – What I have achieved with this so far.


by throwdown232134