Age 20 – Quitting PMO definitely helped lower my anxiety & depression, I feel more confident, My mind is a lot clearer

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I can’t remember when I was on here probably 3 or 4 months ago, that was a real gross time in my life but I just wanted to post on here because I’ve been getting urges lately and that kind of reminded me of this site. Somewhere along my streak (which I’m still on, didn’t relapse) I forgot all about this site, which is actually a good thing. Being on [nofap] all day probably isn’t a good thing for you if you’re trying to live a better life.

I will say I do feel more confident. When I think back to the porn I used to watch I can’t help but think that it was so disgusting and that it is so fake, your mind definitely shifts because that all becomes foreign to you. It’s something I can’t even fathom that I indulged in. This shift in mindset definitely changed my mind like I’ve matured.

I will say I do feel guilty every time I see a picture of a pretty girl on the internet I don’t know why and think this is probably just me being to strict on myself but I can’t help but feel kind of guilty gawking at a picture of a pretty girl as if It was kind of a form of porn for me.

My mind is a lot clearer, I can concentrate on things better, I’ve learned a lot of things a long the way I can’t even name them all but it’s made me a much better person in the course of just a few months. I feel more manly. I do still have SA and maybe some minor depression but I think that’s because these things were not caused by the PMO addiction but just amplified by it.

Quitting PMO definitely helped lower my anxiety and depression, and for other people it might get rid of them completely so I definitely encourage sticking with it. I’ve been having an urge lately probably because I’ve been fantasizing a bit because I want a mate so badly. But my SA and depression makes it harder for me to get into a relationship that I so desperately want. But the good thing is that I recognize this and won’t let these thoughts and feelings dictate my behavior, I won’t FAP.

Anyways I’m kind of just venting now, might of sound depressing but really I am definitely feeling better than I did when I was PMOing, I would probably be 5 times more depressed and anxious than I am now so I’m definitely thankful for it and I can’t help but feel a little badass at time for sticking with this NoFap thing because I don’t give in to that gross, fake, childish shit.

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by Kman20