Age 20 – Reboot has been incredible. So many benefits and changes

I’ll keep this brief but with good content. So i was using this forum, but one day decided to leave and work on my life while continuing the fight against the drug addiction known as pmo and my life has changed in an incredible way and to put it bluntly no fap has saved my life in a big way.

Now before I list the benefits i want to state that no fap is not some magic answer to all your problems and yes I’m still working on a few of mine but what no fap does especially for me is point you to the door but ultimately you have to be the one to walk through it.

Now before starting this I was a typical guy who watched and used and didn’t really do much with my life, never had issues with girls but again was never dating or getting anywhere with them so I guess you could call that an issue if you really wanted to.

Now fast forward a few months (had streaks of 1-24 days previously) and here I am on day 23 and boy has it been incredible; people are noticing the changes in me and I’m noticing them myself as well so instead of a huge paragraph I’ll just bullet point them:

  1. A complete change of personality to the point my entire family can notice it
  2. A lack of procrastination towards chores like washing up; i just do it.
  3. I went on my first date and it went incredible and my natural humor had the girl in tears
  4. I walk like I’m the boss with shoulders rolled back
  5. I look people in the eyes in every conversation without fear
  6. I got off my ass and earned a cool new job; I’m now a trainee electrical assembly engineer with a future
  7. my gym gains are insane to the point I fear my own strength
  8. I have this drive to get out and socialize with people
  9. I was rejected by a girl and did not give a f**k where as before i would have been heartbroken
  10. A drive to work on my life like never before
  11. This inner confidence that makes me feel like I’m the s**t
  12. I can hold a conversation perfectly; I don’t fear what others will say to me and I no longer get stuck for words
  13. My voice got deep and sounds manly
  14. I have a drive to find more girls and keep dating like a drug addict needing a fix
  15. I’m not tired in the mornings anymore, i can wake up at 5:00 am and be raring 12 hours later
  16. I became a yes man; when I’m invited to do things i just agree without hesitation

Just a few of the benefits I have noticed and again no fap wasn’t the solution and cause of them all but it has helped tremendously. Think of no fap like steroids; sure you can get great results without them but once you use them your progress is just better.

I will be making it to 90 days as to be honest I can’t really remember the life I used to lead and quite frankly don’t really want to.

Hope this helps some of you guys struggling with this fight but just know you can do it. The best advice I’m going to give is leave this site for a while until your number is higher at least in the 20+ as by using this site you continually remind yourself that you have this issue where as with me I simply moved away from visiting and knew I couldn’t fap, that was it I just told myself I couldn’t and made using not an option; there was no choice.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and i hope it helps you guys.

LINK – No Fap Has Changed My Life

by allen-o


INITIAL POST – What do i do? (7 months earlier)

Ok after relapsing again I need some help so I’ll try and keep this short.

Instead of writing out a story I’ll just add cliffs:

  • 20 and no girlfriend
  • small town with no legal age girls
  • nothing to do literally in said town
  • sore knee so can’t go run when urges hit
  • can’t drive (theory booked for 25th November)
  • Hardly any friends because of small town
  • when urges hit they hit HARD – No release for said urges

So how the hell do I do this without continually relapsing maybe a week or two down the line? I Really want to do this but with no sexual release its stupidly hard, hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Please help.