Age 20 – So much has changed


I’m 20 years old and I’m honestly a little ashamed it took me so long to discover the negative effects of PMO. It was blinding me, and became an abyss of a black hole that sucked life out of all my relationships and my ability to connect with others.

Idk exactly how many days it’s been, but I’ve been clean since the beginning of last month, and let me say I can’t even remember my former self going as far back as high school. I feel revived, rejuvenated, and cured from whatever I thought was wrong with me.

I’ve always been a band geek (trumpet player) but have since then picked up guitar, I get to the gym more often, and am actually not intimidated to strike up conversation at the gym with a total stranger (guys and girls included). I now know that girls didn’t avoid me or think I was ugly. I simply felt so bad about myself, and told myself that I was undesirable, but I never even analyzed social situations to see if girls really were paying attention to me!

Whether they were or not, I can certainly pick up on certain looks I get in the hall at college now, and I know I’m not as undesirable as I thought. I’ve had confidence to ask out quite a few different girls now, and am realizing that they’re not even as important as I thought, and I can now more wholly search for what I want in a woman, not just superficial traits.

I urge you all to dedicate 100% to nofap, and results will come incrementally based on the small changes that result, and you will discover more about yourself than ever before. Hormones are back and feeling regular, I eat better, my grades are better, and I don’t feel distanced from my friends.

I love you all and am so thankful this Revolution was started. You guys give me faith in humanity, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

LINK – So much has changed this past month!

by xofnave